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Dean Meenach on Pre-Hospital Ultrasound

BC EHS Ambulance

One of the most promising uses for Clarius is pre-hospital ultrasound, or ultrasound in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), before the patient reaches the emergency ward. In these situations, early diagnosis of conditions can make a significant difference to patient outcomes. Being wireless, ultra-portable and easy to use, Clarius will be ideally suited for such applications.…

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Image Quality is Key

Narges Afsham, Sr. Research Scientist

Ultrasound imaging has evolved rapidly over the past few decades. It started with a single element A-mode scan (amplitude mode), which gave radiologists a way to analyze raw radio frequency signals for specialized meaning from the waveforms, similar to an electrocardiogram or EKG. Conversion of A-mode scans to greyscale was the invention of what we…

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Clarius Receives ISO 13485 Certification

Abhijit Ahir and Barbara Mooney with our ISO Certification

Last Saturday, key members of the Clarius management team woke up to find an exclamation-mark-filled e-mail message in their inboxes. The message came from Abhijit Ahir, Clarius’ head of Regulatory and Quality Affairs. Coming from the usually reserved Abhijit, the tone of the e-mail clearly indicated his surprise. Fortunately, it was the good kind of…

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Making Clarius: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Crafting The Clarius Probe Head

At Clarius, we believe the handheld wireless scanner is the next step in ultrasound miniaturization. Clearly, this trend has benefits for the end user. What is less apparent is the related improvements to the manufacturing process. To get a better understanding of the phenomenon, we talked to James Chung, our director of manufacturing. James has…

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Bringing New Meaning To Portable Ultrasound

A hand holding up a Clarius portable ultrasound scanner

Brad Nichol, our director of North American sales, attended Washington ACEP’s Summit to Sound conference last week. Having spent 30 years in the ultrasound industry, Brad was no stranger to medical conferences. But something was different this time. In previous sales roles, Brad would need to arrive at the venue well before it started, while…

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