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It has been compared to the Tricorder…

It has been compared to the Tricorder...

Working in the ultrasound field, we sometimes find it hard to explain to friends and family exactly what it is we do. So we decided to put together a brief video to describe the Clarius Handheld Ultrasound. Our video team was inspired by the release of Star Trek Beyond as people have commented that using Clarius feels like…

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Clarius Ultrasound Education Initiative

Chris Eddy demonstrates vessel access under ultrasound guidance using Clarius

We at Clarius Mobile Health understand there’s a large body of ultrasound education material available online. And a lot of it is really good. So some have asked why we want to create more. The simple answer is that Clarius is new and none of the material available today shows how to scan with our…

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Advocating for POCUS: An Interview with Ryan Ziegler

A doctor uses a Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner in the field and views the ultrasound image on his iPad

Ryan Ziegler is an agent of change. For years, the EMS paramedic has been advocating the use of POCUS at his firehouse-based agency, a struggle he chronicles in an excellent EMSPOCUS blog post. We found Ryan’s story inspiring, and got in touch with him for an interview. Our discussion shed light on how pushing for…

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