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Medtech and the Internet of Things

Clarius and the Internet of Things

Kris Dickie, Director of Innovation at Clarius reflects on our technical journey. As we finalize our product development and prepare to launch our Clarius Wireless Ultrasound System this year, I have been contemplating how we actually got to this point from a technological standpoint – and more generally, how the Internet of Things (IoT) is…

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Understanding the Physics of Ultrasound

Physics of Ultrasound

A basic grasp of ultrasound physics helps to understand diagnostic ultrasound. This is the first of a two-part video series explaining the fundamentals of ultrasound. In this video, we explore the physics of ultrasound waves, including how they interact with various parts of the human body. Understanding these interactions will give practitioners a solid foundation…

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Ultrasound Lung Scanning Video Tutorial with Dr. Shane Arishenkoff

Dr. Shane Arishenkoff Teaches Lung Scanning With Clarius

Lung ultrasound is a fast and effective alternative to X-Ray and CT in the Emergency Department. It is used to evaluate acute and chronic conditions including cardiogenic pulmonary edema, acute lung injury, pneumothorax, pneumonia, pulmonary infractions and contusions. It is a quick exam that is considered relatively easy-to- learn and less technically demanding than other sonographic examinations. Dr. Shane…

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