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5 Signs You Need Your Own Ultrasound Scanner

Clarius ultrasound scanner being put into a pocket

Stethoscope? Check. Blood pressure cuff? Check. Reflex hammer? Check. Personal ultrasound scanner?—really? The concept of purchasing an ultrasound scanner to carry with you may appear far fetched for some medical professionals.  But the affordability and portability of a new class of ultrasound machines is inspiring a growing number of clinicians to make the investment. Here are…

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Clarius Cases: Using Ultrasound to Detect a Pneumothorax

Clarius ultrasound image showing pneumothorax

The use of bedside ultrasound has revolutionized patient care. Trauma patients dependent on immediate diagnosis have particularly benefitted from quick ultrasound-guided bedside evaluation. A pneumothorax, often seen in the ER, is one condition particularly dependent on a quick diagnosis.  Prior to ultrasound, patients with suspected traumatic pneumothorax were evaluated with chest radiography. However this method…

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Understanding the Regulatory Approval Process

We receive a lot of questions about regulatory clearance. Is Clarius available for purchase in my country? How much longer do I have to wait? Why do I need approval? To answer these questions and more we sat down with our Abhijit Ahir, our head of Regulatory and Quality Affairs, and he shared some news…

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Clarius Featured on 15 Minutes With The Doctor

Clarius was recently featured in a podcast called 15 Minutes With The Doctor. The podcast, hosted by Dr. Vinay Shankar, shares stories of healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators who are growing their unique ideas. Each show covers key strategies, interesting concepts, and has actionable tips and tricks for listeners. In the latest podcast Dr. Shanker talks…

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Clarius Provides Quick Access to Ultrasound for Prenatal Care

By Neena Rahemtulla, VP of Marketing A few of us will be travelling to San Diego this weekend to demonstrate Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanners at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Scientific Meeting (ACOG). The Clarius C3 Scanner is the perfect tool for clinicians to easily confirm pregnancy, monitor fetal growth and heart…

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