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What the iPhone’s Birthday Means to Clarius

iPhone showing an ultrasound image in the Clarius App and a Clarius convex scanner

By Kelly Batke As most of you are aware, iPhone celebrated its 10th birthday this week. What you likely aren’t aware of is just how much of an influence and impact this revolutionary technology had on Clarius. If we look back 25 years ago, a “cell” phone was used solely for audio communication, and it…

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Clarius Introduces Pocket Ultrasound Tri-Scanner™

Clarius Scanner with the Clarius C3-L Clip-on

Clarius has a new option for customers who only want to carry one multi-purpose ultrasound scanner in their pocket. Clarius Clip-ons transform a scanner that is typically used to scan deep structures within the abdomen, to one that can also scan superficial anatomy and even the heart. “Clarius Clip-ons are ideal for first responders, emergency…

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Why Doesn’t Every Medical Student Learn Ultrasound?

Medical student using the Clarius handheld ultrasound scanner and students viewing the image through Clarius Cast on their own smart devices

By Dave Willis, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer The concept of ultrasound as a modern-day stethoscope has been floating around the ultrasound industry ever since the first laptop systems emerged about a decade ago. After all, it’s the safest, fastest and easiest way to get a quick look at what’s really going on under a…

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How Rural Physicians Benefit from Mobile Ultrasound

Imagine living in a remote area inaccessible by major transportation? How would you receive proper medical care? What would you do in a medical emergency? This is the reality for millions of people who inhabit remote areas of the world. Thankfully, technological advancements–like mobile wireless ultrasound– are helping rural healthcare professionals increase the accessibility and…

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Resort Doctor Benefits from Handheld Ultrasound

Doctor uses a Clarius portable ultrasound scanner on an injured cyclists on a hiking trail

A physician in Kelowna, British Columbia is one of a growing number of medical professionals benefitting from the technology of a wireless portable ultrasound scanner. Geoff Sanz, an emergency physician, works additionally as a patrol hut physician at a mountain resort in Kelowna. He relies on Clarius, a handheld ultrasound device that produces high-resolution images for iOS or Android device, to diagnose skiing and mountain biking injuries on the mountain. Small…

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