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How to Scan the Gallbladder Using Ultrasound

Doctor scanning a man's gallbladder using a Clarius handheld ultrasound scanner

In the right hands with diagnostic training, the Clarius scanner can be a very effective tool for gallbladder imaging. A gallbladder ultrasound can be helpful for assessing for gallbladder stones, gallbladder wall thickening, or any indication of fluid around the gallbladder. Watch below as ultrasound educator Chris Eddy uses the Clarius curvilinear ultrasound scanner to demonstrate how…

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Easy DIY Tofu Ultrasound Phantom

DIY Tofu Ultrasound Phantom

They say practice makes perfect and that’s certainly the case when learning to use ultrasound for needle guidance. All you need is an ultrasound system, a needle and a phantom. There are lots of commercial ultrasound phantoms available, many of which are expensive and short lived, especially after repetitive needle punctures. You can also make…

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Integrating Ultrasound Training Into Medical Curricula

Stethoscope on Book

Today’s guest post comes from Brad Nichol, Clarius’ Director of Medical School Sales, North America. Brad discusses the evolution of point-of-care ultrasound training over the course of his career. During my 30 year career, the ultrasound industry has changed dramatically. In the 1980s, ultrasound equipment could virtually fill a room and required years of education…

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Clarius Eclipse: Our Most Important Release This Year

Two smart phones showing Clarius App version 3.1 Eclipse

We are excited to announce our most important release this year: the Clarius App 3.1 Eclipse. The latest version of our app includes advanced features and options for all users and many premium options including Color/Power Doppler, spatial compounding for better imaging, needle enhancement, and three-in-one imaging capability on the C3 Scanner. Clarius Eclipse also incorporates enhanced…

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Teaching Pelvic Floor Contractions is No Laughing Matter!

Clarius ultrasound image of the effects of laughing on the bladder

Many of our users post their use cases on Clarius Cases. The example discussed and shown below was posted by Dr. Ruth Maher, Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions at Creighton University. Teaching someone to isolate their pelvic floor muscles is challenging without the ability to visualize the movement.  Thanks to ultrasound, medical…

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