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Ultrasound Got Your Tongue?

Ultrasound image of a tongue taken by a Clarius ultrasound scanner

Until recently, the vocal tract has been a bit of a mystery; mostly because when someone talks, we can’t immediately see what’s going on. Now, thanks to ultrasound technology, we can see what the tongue is actually doing during the entire speech process. By placing an ultrasound probe under the chin we can clearly identify…

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Want to Test-Drive Clarius?

Scanning an abdomen on Clarius Virtual Demo Mode

If you’ve ever tried to purchase an ultrasound machine, you know how difficult the process can be, especially during the consideration and evaluation phase. To truly understand and assess the features and functionality of an ultrasound unit, you need to try it first. You need to personally assess image quality and usability, especially when it’s…

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Clarius Technical Spotlight: A different way of visualizing the needle in tissue

Needle enhancement feature with the Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner

By Kris Dickie, Vice President for Research and Development for Clarius. Over the years, ultrasound has become popular for helping to more accurately guide procedures such as nerve blocks, PRP injections, and other routine needle insertions. Seeing the needle in tissue on ultrasound has always been a problem that ultrasound manufacturers have striven to overcome.  Many…

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Canadian Paramedic Paves Way for Point of Care Ultrasound

Four cyclists biking down a road

As a paramedic in the field, Wade MacPherson sees the potential benefits of point of care ultrasound on a daily basis. The Ontario based paramedic was first exposed to ultrasound during his advanced care paramedic education. While colleagues and other industry professionals questioned the value of ultrasound in the hands of paramedics, MacPherson was determined to…

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Clarius Demonstrates Ultrasound for Defence and Security Sector

Defence and Security Equipment International logo

We are demonstrating our wireless, handheld ultrasound scanners this week at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) show in London. The four-day event, from September 12-15th, brings together the global defence and security sector to innovate and share knowledge. “Clarius is the ideal ultrasound system for challenging environments outside the hospital,” said Laurent Pelissier, Chief…

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Clarius Announces Economical, High Quality Ultrasound Scanner for Research

We are excited to announce a new ultrasound research interface for universities and companies performing medical research. Debuting this week at the IEEE international ultrasonics symposium in Washington, DC, the new research interface provides high quality and shareable raw data for educational purposes.   Ultrasound research systems providing raw data have traditionally been large and…

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