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Clarius Cases: Eye Exam

Clarius ultrasound of an eye scan

When most people outside the medical profession think of ultrasound, they often associate it with a developing fetus. However, only about 20% of all ultrasound is used for obstetrics. Ultrasound is used for a variety of scenarios by medical professionals from a wide range of specialties. In fact, there are so many use case applications that…

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How to Assess the IVC for Volume Status Using Ultrasound

Point of care ultrasound of the IVC (inferior vena cava) is a non-invasive means of volume assessment in the critically ill.  While no one study has been able to quantify exactly where to measure or make the assessment, the IVC can be assessed in a fat or flat paradigm. In the video below, ultrasound educator…

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How a Nephrologist Benefits from Portable Ultrasound

A nephrologist uses a Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner on a woman's torso. They look at the ultrasound image on an iPad.

Dr. Nathaniel Reisinger, a nephrologist, a clinical instructor of Emergency Medicine, and a clinical ultrasound fellow, is one of a growing number of physicians benefiting from an ultra-portable handheld ultrasound. As demonstrated in the video below, Dr. Reisinger uses ultrasound to look at the IVC, as well as the lungs to identify ailments such as pleural effusions.…

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