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Clarius in the News: Medical Observer

Clarius was recently featured in Medical Observer. The article highlights how ultra-portable ultrasound scanners will likely become an extension of our normal clinical examination. Below is an excerpt: The probes are waterproof and tough. Although quite weighty, they nestle comfortably in your hand. Applying the gel and cleaning the probe after use is simple.  The batteries…

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Using Ultrasound to Detect Fluid Volume in Dialysis Patients

By Dr Nathaniel Reisinger Chronic Kidney Disease is a slow and silent killer that has been on the rise for the past decade. Up to 14% of Americans are affected by the accelerated aging of the kidneys,which is directly associated with diabetes, hypertension, and obesity Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients often progress to End-Stage Renal…

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Bye-Bye Blind Needle Sticks

portable ultrasound

One of the most commonly performed procedures in acute-care facilities is a peripheral intravenous (PIV) catheter insertion. In fact, nearly 200 million PIV catheters are placed in patients in hospitals throughout the United States each year.  But while it is common, it isn’t that successful. It is associated with a variety of complications and an unacceptably high…

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Ultrasound Quiz Part Two: Physics of Ultrasound

Are you a student of ultrasound? Did you pass our previous quiz with flying colors?  At Clarius we are passionate about ultrasound education and continuously collaborate with top ultrasound educators. Our latest quiz focuses on the physics of ultrasound. Like the previous quiz, it is also geared to those just learning ultrasound. Feel free to share…

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How Portable Ultrasound Benefitted a Doctor on a Medical Mission

Dr. Myriam Hughes had used ultrasound on many past medical missions, with varying levels of success. “I was always relying on old, half broken ultrasound equipment that didn’t really help in the diagnostic process,” said Hughes. She was first introduced to Clarius in August of 2017 and was impressed by the portability of the scanner. She…

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Using Ultrasound to Assess for a DVT

ultra portable ultrasound

Each year, about 10 million people are affected by complications related to a deep vein thrombosis (DVT)1.  If lucky, these people will be assessed by a paramedic or emergency physician with easy access to an ultrasound system to diagnose or rule out a DVT as quickly as possible. Watch the video below to see how…

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