Clarius Leader Spotlight: Wendy Werblin, Vice President of Product Management

By Clarius CEO Ohad Arazi

I’m pleased to welcome new members to the Clarius leadership team to help support our fast-paced growth. I recently sat down with Wendy Werblin, our new Vice President of Product Management to discuss why she’s excited about joining Clarius and why she thinks it’s important to work for companies that can have a positive impact on healthcare.

What was your background before joining Clarius?

I’ve been in healthcare tech for most of my career, in a variety of roles. I started with field marketing, transitioned to product marketing, then to partner management, and to product management.

I spent almost ten years with Philips’ AED (Automated External Defibrillator) business. I’ve worked for large companies as well as start-ups and in consulting. One of my favorite experiences from my Philips days was being a part of the team that launched the world’s first over-the-counter AED that consumers could buy without a prescription.

I also spent a little time working at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where I had the chance to meet Bono when he came to Seattle for the foundation’s annual employee meeting. Just before joining Clarius, I was leading new product innovation work for MCG Health, the leader in software-enabled, evidence-based medical guideline content that’s used by health plans and providers to drive policy and help providers deliver effective and appropriate care to patients.”

Could you give us the 10,000-foot view of your role at Clarius?

At a company like Clarius, where we have such an innovative and creative team, there are more clever ideas than we have time to develop. As the leader for product management, I’ll be helping us get better at identifying and prioritizing what our users and buyers need and translating those needs into new features and solutions. My team will do this by becoming experts in understanding how and why our target customers use ultrasound today, how they could be using it in the future, and how Clarius is well suited to help them meet their patient care and financial goals. We will work collaboratively with internal teams to define what success looks like and bring the right solutions to market at the right time. My job is to make sure we’re always working on the most impactful solutions, while also making space for the next innovation.”

Why have you chosen a career in the health care / medical technology sector?

When I was in college studying Communications, one of my professors pushed me to choose an area to focus on. I chose healthcare and medical technology because I could clearly see the line between the work I was doing, and the lives of the people that were using or otherwise impacted by the products I was promoting. I’ve stayed in health tech because of the opportunity to make an impact on healthcare for the better – better patient care, lower total cost using technology. Worldwide, healthcare is pretty broken, and it’s hard for people to get the best care for their unique situation – I do my best to work with organizations where I can see clearly how the work has a positive impact on the users and the patients.

Why are you excited about working for Clarius?

Clarius has a huge opportunity to fundamentally change how ultrasound is used in medicine, and I’m super excited to be a part of that movement. I’m also super impressed with the company’s culture and values as well as the commitment to innovation and depth of knowledge on the team.”

What do you hope to achieve at Clarius?

While I’m at Clarius, I’m looking forward to building a world-class product management function that helps us get the right solutions into the hands of our users faster and helps the company scale. I’m really excited about being part of an organization with so much opportunity to make a positive impact and help make ultrasound ubiquitous in healthcare.”

How do you think Clarius can have a positive impact on patient care?

The more I learn about Clarius and our products, the more excited I am to see how much of an impact we can make on patients globally, if we truly can change the ultrasound category to an “everywhere” product. Just imagine the experience patients will have when they can be diagnosed earlier and treated more effectively and safely because we’ve effectively given their doctors the gift of sight using high-definition ultrasound to easily see internal anatomy where they could not before.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy many activities outside of work time. I love to do anything outside, like camping and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. My husband and I have always enjoyed discovering new bands and going to see live music. At home, I like to cook, and when I actually find time to sit still, I like curling up on the couch with a book or playing a game with family. My daughter and I have been studying karate together since she was seven (she’s now almost 15) and I’m proud to say that we recently earned our black belts. I’m also one of the leaders of the largest non-boy BSA (Boy Scouts of America) troops in the pacific northwest.”

Wendy Werblin’s Bio

Wendy is the Vice President of Product Management reporting directly to the CEO. For more than 20 years, Wendy’s career has been focused on customer-driven solutions innovation and a passion for building and leading exceptional teams pursuing bold growth, profit, and social impact goals. She has a track record of creating partnerships, programs, and go-to-market strategies that convert customers into buyers, increase revenue and grow market share. Her career path is noted by leadership success across many disciplines, including business and market development, alliances, product marketing, change management and professional services in healthcare as well as public sector and retail.

Wendy began her career in product management at Omnicell, creating one of the first e-commerce applications used by enterprise-level healthcare organizations. She spent a decade leading solutions and market development for Philips Automated External Defibrillator business line, developing new revenue sources and improving revenue by 30% YoY. As the Global Solutions Director with Impinj, a leader in RFID, Wendy managed the creation of vertically-oriented solution partnerships in the healthcare, retail and supply chain markets. Most recently Wendy served as the head of product for MCG Health, where she was responsible for creating new healthcare software solutions that deliver increased care efficiency, quality and patient engagement for organizations transitioning to value-based care models. Wendy holds an MBA with a certificate in Health Services Management from Duke University and a BS from Cornell University.

About Clarius Mobile Health

Clarius is on a mission to make accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable ultrasound tools available to all medical professionals in every specialty. With decades of experience in medical imaging, the team knows that great ultrasound imaging improves confidence and patient care. Today, Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound scanners connect to iOS and Android devices, delivering high-resolution ultrasound images traditionally only available with bulkier, high-end systems at a fraction of the cost.

Over two million high-definition scans have been performed using Clarius wireless handheld scanners. Clarius scanners are available in over 90 countries worldwide.

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