A Technical Perspective on Bringing Clarius HD to Market

Kris Dickie, our Vice President of Research & Development, is an active member of Linkedin and often contributes in-depth articles.  Here we’re providing an edited version of an article he recently wrote about his 20-year career developing ultrasound systems.  Click here to read the full article. Introduction My first job 20 years ago was helping…

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The Benefits of Portable Ultrasound in your Practice

Clarius ultrasound for urology

We recently caught up with Dr. Kevin Zorn at the American Urology Association (AUA) meeting in Chicago to discuss his practice. Dr. Zorn is a urologist who started off his practice at the University of Chicago before moving to Montreal to head the BPH and Robotics Program at the University of Montreal. He is very…

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Research Toolkits

We offer various research tools that can be purchased individually with any scanner model. Research tools provide a unique way to work with the raw data that the scanner collects internally, as well the ability to develop custom software that can be used for real-time analysis. Our goal is to help make imaging research simple…

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Clarius White Paper Series – Automated Parameters

In this next White Paper, Simplifying Ultrasound with Automated Parameters, we focus on how we’ve implemented a complex system of algorithms and software architecture to help make using ultrasound simpler. The paper covers 3 main topics on how each Clarius scanner: Fine-tunes imaging gain in real-time Reprograms and optimizes dozens of parameters with each adjustment…

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Sharyn Moodie: Ultrasound Goes Portable

Sharyn Moodie scanning a patient

Sharyn Moodie is a qualified Australian ultrasonographer (ASAR) who is spending her time travelling to offer her medical expertise to those in need. Along with the Bridging Health organization, Sharyn travelled to Tanna Island for two weeks in October 2018. Her A Sound Adventure blog covers what it has been like on the road as…

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Wireless Ultrasound for Emergency Medical Services

TEAAM helicopter

Technical Evacuation Advanced Aero Medical Society (TEAAM) is an advanced life support Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) non-profit that responds to remote, austere wilderness and industrial settings outside of the scope and capability of the British Columbia Ambulance Services. TEAAM has been using the Clarius scanner for the past year and describes what it means…

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Ultrasound Imaging on a Surgical Mission to Biri Island

When Dr. Pete Tonseth was invited to go on a surgical mission to Biri Island in the Philippines, there was doubt about how much he could help. He was a radiologist, and in the years that the mission went to the island, there was no medical imaging equipment available. The initial reaction from the team…

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Clarius White Paper Series – Wireless Ultrasound

Clarius wireless ultrasound

The next paper in the series focuses on Clarius’ roots of developing the world’s first wireless ultrasound system to connect to both iOS and Android devices. Clarius is relatively platform-agnostic because of the use of wireless, since changes in mobile device design have less of an impact when connectors and other physical interfaces change. Wireless…

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Scanning Chimpanzees in Sierra Leone

We recently spoke to Izzy Hirji, a Canadian vet who wrapped up his term as the resident veterinarian at the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone. Izzy brought a Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner with him to conduct screenings on the facility’s chimpanzees, diagnose their medical issues, and keep track of their health and well-being. He…

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