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[VIDEO] Meet the World’s First Ultra-High Frequency Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

In keeping with our mission to deliver high definition, easy-to-use and affordable handheld ultrasound scanners that are suitable for every medical practitioner, we’re excited to announce the arrival of the NEW Clarius L20 HD!  Designed to provide exceptionally detailed imaging of superficial structures, the Clarius L20 HD is ideal for plastic surgeons, microsurgeons, pediatricians, hematologists, podiatrists,…


Plastic Surgeon Dr. Antoni Roldan Confirms Breast Implant Rupture with Clarius

Since purchasing the Clarius HD L7 handheld ultrasound earlier this year, Dr. Antoni Roldan cannot imagine practicing without it.  “Clarius is a powerful and amazing tool that delivers confidence to the surgeon. I don’t need to just imagine what is going on beneath the skin. I can see it clearly in great detail. My patients also like to watch the exam as…


Plastic Surgeon Switches from Traditional Ultrasound to Clarius

A Clarius customer since 2018, Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS is recognized in Louisville for his cutting-edge plastic surgery techniques. He is a double Board-Certified aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Louisville since 1992. He shares his thoughts about how he switched to Clarius from his traditional ultrasound system. “As a plastic surgeon,…