[VIDEO] How to Scan the Lungs with Ultrasound



Our team has put together some resources that may be useful for Clarius users who are treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our team worked with Dr. Dan Kim, a Vancouver emergency medicine physician, to record a quick lung exam tutorial using Clarius ultrasound. 

Dr. Kim scanned a healthy model during the video. Please refer to the exam shown below from our cases page to see a clip of a lung with pneumonia captured with a Clarius scanner or visit our post on Clinical Utility and Technique for Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19 Cases for more detailed examples of lung ultrasound abnormalities.

Dr Shane Arishenkoff
Rechtsseitige Lobärpneumonie fungiert als Fenster zur Darstellung des Herzens aus einer rechten koronalen Ansicht

Patient mit Husten, Sputum, Fieber und Hypotonie. Großflächige rechtsseitige lobare Pneumonie identifiziert. Dies ist ein koronales Bild, das von der rechten hinteren Axillarlinie aufgenommen wurde. Anfänglich kann die Leber, das Diaphragma (rechts im Bild) und die hepatisierte Lunge (links im Bild) gesehen werden. Wenn der Schallkopf justiert wird, wird der Strahl über das Diaphragma gerichtet und man sieht nur die hepatisierte Lunge. Was an diesem Bild interessant ist, ist die Tatsache, dass die hepatisierte Lunge als Fenster zur Darstellung des Herzens vom rechten seitlichen Brustkorb aus dient.

Infection Control

During our time with Dr. Kim, we asked him about his thoughts on infection control concerns related to ultrasound use on COVID-19 patients and he had this to say:

“With a lot of traditional cart-based units, it’s extremely difficult to clean all the surfaces and all the buttons and all the crevices. I think that there’s a role for handheld devices in this particular situation because they are much smaller than cart-based units and they are much easier to clean and disinfect compared to a cart-based unit.”

Small and wireless, Clarius scanners can be fully encased in a sterile cover. Clarius is IPX7 rated – it’s waterproof and fully immersible for disinfection. Review the long list of cleaners and disinfectants that are qualified for use with the Clarius Scanner.

Visit our Lung Scanning Resource page for more information.