5 Signs You Need Your Own Ultrasound Scanner

Stethoscope? Check.

Blood pressure cuff? Check.

Reflex hammer? Check.

Personal ultrasound scanner?—really?

The concept of purchasing an ultrasound scanner to carry with you may appear far fetched for some medical professionals.  But the affordability and portability of a new class of ultrasound machines is inspiring a growing number of clinicians to make the investment.

Here are five possible reasons a personal ultrasound device might be your new stethoscope:

You moonlight somewhere

Many physicians work in roles outside of a medical facility. This can include working in another clinic, at a local search and rescue facility, or even as an educator at a University. The portability of a mobile ultrasound device enables medical professionals to carry it wherever they may need to rely on ultrasound.

You constantly need to wait for a machine

In a large emergency department with many medical professionals, obtaining access to an ultrasound scanner is sometimes impossible or time consuming. Often there is no time to wait. With a personal ultrasound scanner, clinicians always have access to ultrasound for a quick look or needle placement.

You understand the value of ultrasound

For many clinicians, ultrasound has become the go-to tool because it provides a clear, immediate, and live glimpse into a patient without any radiation. And because it helps physicians quickly find the cause of an ER visit, it may also enhance a patients’ impression of care.

You are short on funds for new equipment

Mainstream ultrasound machines are costly.  A personal ultrasound scanner costs about the same as a transducer on a mid-range ultrasound system without having to pay for the engine. With financing, a scanner is available for about $225 per month.

You embrace new technology

Just like smartphones revolutionized our personal lives, mobile medical technology is influencing healthcare.  The idea for an ultrasound system that works with an app on a smart phone came from forward-looking physicians who rely on ultrasound every day.  Now there are a number of options available, including the Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanner, which images on iOS or Android devices.

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