[VIDEO] Patient Praises Clinician for Using Ultrasound to Discover and Dissolve Problematic Facial Filler

Suffering from chronic swelling under her eyes, Sandra Wood says she felt like a Cabbage Patch Doll or an alien when she went to see Dr. Steven F. Weiner, a Board Certified, Head, Neck and Facial Plastic Surgeon.

I had extreme swelling underneath my eyes as a result of filler that I received approximately 10 years ago and my eyes were very, very swollen,” explains Sandra. “I’m very cheeky and for a long time I attributed the swelling to weight gain.”

When the swelling started to impede Sandra’s vision, she booked an appointment with Dr. Weiner to seek treatment.

Dr. Weiner was able to perform an ultrasound exam and he could see the filler,” says Sandra. “It was just amazing to actually see it. He could show me where the filler was and it was amazing to see that it had been there that long. He knew exactly where to place the injections as a result of the ultrasound to help dissolve them. So, that gave me a lot of confidence.”

Dr. Weiner dissolved the filling with a series of injections under ultrasound guidance. Sandra’s swelling started to diminish within 48 hours and she is delighted with the results and Dr. Weiner.

I would highly recommend Dr. Weiner. He is very, very talented and a credit to his profession.”

Watch our video interview with Sandra to hear firsthand about her experience with Clarius handheld ultrasound in the expert hands of Dr. Steven Weiner.

About Dr. Weiner and Clarius Handheld Ultrasound for Aesthetics

Dr. Weiner uses the Clarius L20 HD3 high-frequency ultrasound scanner, which provides high-definition images to a maximum depth of four centimeters. Affordable and easy to use, the Clarius L20 HD3 is the world’s first high-frequency ultrasound in a handheld scanner, with exceptional superficial imaging for facial aesthetics.

Interested in hearing Dr. Weiner’s perspective on treating Sandra Wood? Watch his video here.

Contact us today or request an ultrasound demo to learn how high-definition imaging can improve safety and deliver consistent patient outcomes in your aesthetic practice!

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