[VIDEO] Emergency Dr. Oron Frenkel Discusses Handheld Ultrasound for COVID-19

An emergency physician at St. Paul’s Hospital, one of Vancouver’s largest hospitals, Dr. Oron Frenkel was an early advocate of using point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the fight against COVID-19.  

Watch his interview video to learn why Dr. Frenkel thinks Clarius HD is ideal for POCUS, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“While we can’t say with a hundred percent specificity that when we see viral pneumonia infections it’s from COVID-19, where there is a lot of the virus around in the population, positive findings on your ultrasound is highly suspicious of a COVID-19 positive case,” he explains.

Dr. Frenkel is leading a POCUS project sponsored by Digital Technology Supercluster. It’s providing clinicians in rural settings with Clarius ultrasound scanners, supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and a robust educational network. Elements of the project have been fast-tracked due to COVID-19.

“One of these handheld ultrasound devices could deliver essentially thousands of tests in the hands of one operator instead of having to burn through a lot of swabs that may be even less effective than the ultrasound,” suggests Dr. Frenkel. «Honestly nothing’s been this disruptive for the clinical encounter of healthcare worker and their patient since the invention of the stethoscope, which was over 200 years ago.”

Beyond COVID-19, Dr. Frenkel believes that point-of-care ultrasound can be used for diagnosing conditions in almost every part of the body, from brain, eyes to musculoskeletal conditions, heart-lung, abdominal organs and soft tissue. “You name it, we can put an ultrasound on it and look at it specifically. These handheld devices are superb things when I want quick answers in a mobile environment.”

To learn how Clarius HD can help with your fight against COVID-19, you can contact us anytime or learn more here.

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