[VIDEO] Innovation Corner: Three Physicians Demonstrate How Ultrasound Guidance Improves Pain Management Procedures

With so many of us suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain, clinicians are perpetually seeking the most effective and efficient way to deliver pain relief to patients. Corticosteroid, hyaluronic acid, and orthobiologic injections are proven to provide effective short-term relief, especially when delivered with ultrasound guidance.

A review of 13 published studies shows us that the enhanced injection success with ultrasound guidance directly improves patient-reported clinical outcomes. Ultimately practitioners and their patients experience better success, fewer treatment failures, and fewer complications.

Orthopaedic surgeons like Dr. Alan Hirahara, pain management experts like Dr. David Rosenblum, emergency physicians, and general practitioners alike are relying more on ultrasound to guide successful, pain-free injections.

This year, we held an Innovation Spotlight to showcase our new third-generation Clarius HD3 wireless ultrasound scanners, which are garnering rave reviews.

The third-generation Clarius is amazing,” says Dr. Rosenblum. “I mean, it’s light, it’s small, and it’s easier to handle when performing a procedure. It connects seamlessly. It’s probably faster than the previous generations and has a great picture with great features, such as the ability to increase, decrease the gain or depth by the push of a button. It is like the size of my cellphone, so I can easily fit it in my pocket.”

We invite you to watch the following video featuring physicians, Dr. Oron Frenkel, Dr. Hirahara, and Dr. Rosenblum to see three demonstrations of how to use ultrasound guidance for pain management procedures. You’ll also hear from 81-year-old Eileen Calandra about her positive experience with pain management injections.

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Recognized for the best MSK imaging quality among handheld systems, Clarius HD3 is highly affordable, easy to learn and use. Learn about the three specialty scanners that are suitable for pain management. Or contact us today to request a virtual ultrasound demo.

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