[VIDEO] Learn Why Dr. Steven Weiner Recommends Clarius Wireless Ultrasound for Safer Aesthetic Procedures

Dr. Steven F. Weiner, a facial plastic surgeon based in Florida, is a vocal advocate for using ultrasound to ensure safe aesthetic procedures. He is also an ardent fan of the Clarius L20 HD3 wireless ultrasound scanner, especially for someone considering adding ultrasound to their aesthetic practice for the first time.

Not everyone wants to enter the market at a $30,000 price range before they even use ultrasound. So, I suggest that they enter the market using a Clarius,” he explains. “I get great resolution. I can see all the fillers I need to see, as well as the vascular structures.”

Dr. Weiner started using ultrasound about three years ago for facial mapping prior to injections to avoid complications and to confirm the placement of fillers. He had his “aha” moment during a visit to Amsterdam with Dr. Leonie Schelke whose clinic is devoted to resolving filler complications. Watch his video interview to learn how Dr. Schelke was able to quickly clear a vascular occlusion with 125 units of hyaluronidase that a referring physician was unable to resolve with 3000 units!

Ultrasound Training for Aesthetics with Dr. Weiner

Since establishing his Aesthetic Clinique 15 years ago, Dr. Weiner has expanded his practice to include laser treatments, fillers, and body sculpting. Recently, he is dedicating more time to teaching, training, and writing book chapters. He founded Sonosthetics, a training program designed to make students proficient at taking care of complications and performing vascular mapping to avoid complications. He also works with Clarius on a series of webinars and had recorded video tutorials for our popular Clarius Classroom.

We invite you to watch Dr. Weiner’s recent on-demand webinar to learn his step-by-step techniques for performing safer filler injections with ultrasound to limit vascular complications in the lower face.

About Clarius for Facial Aesthetics

The Clarius L20 HD3 has become the ultrasound scanner of choice for many medical aesthetic practitioners looking to improve patient safety. It’s the world’s only ultra-high frequency ultrasound in a wireless scanner that shows the fine detail required to clearly image the skin, muscles, fascia, and vessels of the face. Visit our Facial Aesthetics page to learn more.

When you’re ready to take the next step, request a virtual ultrasound demo to see how high-definition imaging can help you improve safety and deliver consistent patient outcomes in your aesthetic practice!

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