Handheld Ultrasound for Pain Management

With high definition nerve and musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging, Clarius HD is the ideal wireless ultrasound system for safe, accurate procedure guidance.

Best-in-Class for MSK Imaging

Widely believed to deliver the best imaging quality among handheld ultrasound systems, Clarius HD is easy to learn and use. Eliminate lengthy palpation with instant musculoskeletal imaging to optimize diagnostic accuracy and surgical planning. You'll clearly see anatomy and your needle in real-time for 100% accuracy while performing deeper injections. Clarius HD takes the guesswork out of pain management, enhancing confidence and the overall patient experience.

L15 Nerve WIreless Ultrasound Handheld
  • Nerve and advanced MSK presets for diagnostic and interventional blocks and procedures enable simple, point and shoot imaging.
  • Without wires and complicated settings, you can focus on delivering accurate pain relief quickly.
  • Easy to disinfect or cover in a sterile sleeve.
  • Choose from three affordable scanners for superficial and/or deep imaging.
  • Add Mejora de aguja optional software to accurately guide difficult procedures.
  • Start the scanner and launch the app on your Apple or Android device to start scanning within seconds.
  • Get free Clarius Cloud access to save and manage exams, export PDF reports and more.
  • Save space with Clarius - carry it in your pocket!

Watch Dr Rosenblum talk about the next big thing

"Wireless ultrasound enables me to focus more on my patient without having wires get in the way of my nerve block. You can carry it from office to office, put it in your lab coat and use it on pain rounds. The image quality is superior. With the versatility of the iPad and Clarius Cloud, you could do a lot of good work and help a lot of people."

See the Difference Superior Image Quality Makes

L15 HD

Alta frecuencia lineal

Choose the L15 if you're primarily interested in seeing exceptional detail while performing superficial exams.



Choose the L7 if you're performing deep and superficial procedures.

Curvelinear EMED Scanner


El C3 es ideal para examinar estructuras m√°s profundas, como caderas, piriforme y espalda baja.

Videos with Clarius Customers

See how Dr. David Rosenblum and Dr. Robyn Prescott use Clarius ultrasound in their pain management practice. Although you'll see both clinicians using the first generation of Clarius scanners on these videos, they have recently upgraded to Clarius HD scanners. Check back for new videos soon!

See the Needle Even More Clearly

Ideal for novice ultrasound users, Clarius Needle Enhance lights up the needle in tissue to help you accurately guide caudal blocks, PRP injections, Piriformis injections and more. 

Needle Enhance is an optional feature with Clarius HD L15 and L7 ultrasound scanners.

Enhanced Normal

Información de reembolso para exámenes clínicos de ultrasonido en los Estados Unidos

Descargue nuestra guía de referencia rápida de códigos CPT 2020 y montos de pago para exámenes de diagnóstico por ultrasonido realizados por profesionales médicos en los Estados Unidos.

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