Handheld Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia

Wireless, ultra-mobile and with high-definition imaging, Clarius is the ultimate wireless ultrasound scanner for safe regional nerve blocks and post-operative follow-up.

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Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine

Dr. Gregory Hickman

"Clarius is my go-to mobile ultrasound. I use it three or four times a day mostly for injections in the operating room and quick nerve blocks in the recovery room. Often patients who are sent home with catheters will come back for physical therapy in a different building. I walk over with my Clarius to check the catheter is positioned next to the nerves and getting good flow. I don’t need to drag my big machine around. I just grab my iPad and the Clarius and boom I’m good to go."

High-Definition Imaging for Injections and Follow-Up Exams

Optimize patient comfort and minimize complications by carrying Clarius easily from patient to patient in the pre-op area, operating room or PACU. Don't waste time hunting for a bulky ultrasound system to perform a pectoralis nerve block, supraclavicular nerve block or intra-articular injection. For 70% of regional anesthesia procedures, the speed and high-definition image of Clarius ultrasound get you there, in-and-out, faster. No more guessing where your needle is or wasting precious medications. No more wires contaminating your sterile prep area. No more bulky system slowing you down.

L15 Nerve WIreless Ultrasound Handheld

Clear Imaging You Can Trust

Wireless and pocket-sized, Clarius scanners deliver the high-definition imaging and power you expect from a traditional ultrasound system in a highly affordable ultra-mobile scanner.

  • Pairs with most Apple and Android devices, just launch the easy-to-use app and start scanning in seconds!
  • Without wires to get in the way, you’ll be able to focus on accurate and effective ultrasound-guided injections.
  • With AI assistance for optimal images, Clarius is easy to learn and use to perform blocks and injections quickly.
  • Automated AI settings and enhanced needle visualization deliver superior imaging of nerves and other anatomy.
  • For infection control, simply wipe, fully immerse, or incase your wireless Clarius scanner in a sterile cover.
  • Priced at the fraction of the cost of traditional systems, Clarius is ultra-affordable with no subscriptions.

Clases Clarius

Supraclavicular Nerve Block

Intra-Articular Injection

PEC Block

Easy Cleaning and Disinfection

Clarius is IPX7 rated - it's waterproof and fully immersible for disinfection. Review the long list of cleaners and disinfectants that are qualified for use with the Clarius scanner.

Cubrir el ecografo por completo

With no cords to worry about, place Clarius in a sterile bag to avoid contamination. Remember to put gel in the bag before sealing.


Escoja el L7 si realiza procedimientos profundos y superficiales.

L15 HD

Alta frecuencia lineal

Escoja el L15 si está interesada principalmente en ver con detalles excepcionales mientras realiza exámenes superficiales.

Curvelinear EMED Scanner


El C3 es ideal para examinar estructuras más profundas, como caderas, piriforme y espalda baja.

Vea la aguja con aun más claridad

Ideal para usuarios de ultrasonido novatos, Clarius Needle Enhance ilumina la aguja en el tejido para ayudarlo a guiar con precisión los bloques caudales, las inyecciones de PRP, las inyecciones de Piriformes y más. 

Needle Enhance es una función opcional de los escáneres de ultrasonido Clarius HD L15 y L7.

Enhanced Normal

Observe la diferencia que una gran calidad de imagen hace

Información de reembolso para exámenes clínicos de ultrasonido en los Estados Unidos

Download our quick reference guide of 2021 CPT codes and payment amounts for diagnostic ultrasound exams performed by medical professionals in the United States.

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⚠️Nota: Clarius Ultrasound se pretende para su uso por médicos profesionales

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