[VIDEO] Learn How to Use Ultrasound To Treat Dermal Filler Complications Quickly

When Dr. Steven Weiner started using ultrasound guidance to improve outcomes and reduce complications resulting from facial cosmetic procedures, he didn’t realize that he’d soon become an internationally renowned speaker and educator. Not that long ago, he flew to Amsterdam to learn from Dr. Leonie Schelke, who has been using ultrasound at her clinic to…

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[WEBINAR] Calling All Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists: Attend a Free Aesthetics Webinar by IMCAS Academy

Join us on Wednesday, March 24 for a live webinar hosted by the IMCAS Academy – Anatomical Echography in Aesthetics: Vascular Mapping, Evaluating Fillers and Treating Complications. With its mission to build a bridge between aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology, the academy offers scientific education programs based on the latest academic and industry updates in…

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Point-of-Care Ultrasound Review of the Clarius L20 HD by Dr. Bard

By: Dr. Robert L. Bard, MD Edited by: Lennard M. Gettz Since the advent of ultrasound scanning in the 1950’s, developers have continually explored and expanded its diagnostic applications. After all, the digital advantages of ultrasound brings a far safer and non-invasive alternative to radiation-based imaging to produce real-time images of the inside of the body.…

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