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Brittany Shoot, a reporter for recently interviewed Clarius CEO Laurent Pelissier for an article.  Here’s an excerpt.

When most people think about an ultrasound, a hulking machine that gives doctors and parents views of a developing fetus typically comes to mind. But engineers are putting the technology—useful at many points of care, from emergency to sports medicine—in the palm of our hands.

Since its founding in 2014, the Vancouver-based startup Clarius has specialized in developing a handheld ultrasound scanner that connects wirelessly to a smartphone app, available through iOS and Android app stores, to display the image. Medical professionals can move the Clarius scanner on the desired area, no gel required. Battery powered, water-submersible and drop resistant, the device offers high-quality imaging of the entire chest and abdomen, including vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

With a smaller, portable scanner able to provide the same image quality as a massive machine, the possibilities rapidly expand. For one, it means medical teams no longer have to rely on a single machine, when a department or institution can purchase many smaller scanners with lower price tags.

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