How Ultrasound Ensures Patient Safety for Interventional Procedures

Dr. Sana- Ara Ahmed, a Canadian trained Medical Doctor & Anesthesiologist, believes that patient safety is key to the interventional component of her practice. Her background in Interventional Chronic Pain Medicine and Cosmetic Medicine Rejuvenation puts an emphasis on the importance of comfort and the highest standard of care when it comes to treating her patients.

The use of the portable Clarius ultrasound scanner allows her to ensure patient safety. With Clarius portable ultrasound, Dr. Ahmed can safely distinguish specific anatomy, allowing her to be more thorough with her pain management treatments.

The ultra-portability of the Clarius ultrasound also allows Dr. Ahmed to combine efficiency and safety for her practice. “The most important thing is I can carry it wherever I need to be, meaning that I can go from room to room, I don’t have to worry about pushing a trolley or worrying about damaging something, I can just carry it in my hand.”

After completing an ultrasound cadaveric course in Chicago with the American Society of Regional Anesthesia, Dr. Ahmed observed that her colleagues have shifted away from the traditionally used fluoro-based procedures. Ultrasound proved to be superior as it allowed for full visibility of the muscle, nerves and joints in realtime without radiation. With the portable Clarius ultrasound scanner, Dr. Ahmed is able to offer the most accurate and optimal interventional treatment plans for her patients.

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