Clarius Celebrates One Million High-Definition Ultrasound Exams

When we introduced our first generation wireless ultrasound systems in 2016, using a personal smart phone to operate an ultrasound system was a concept that physicians expected to see in a science fiction movie. In fact, when we started demonstrating our handheld ultrasound scanners at tradeshows, they were often compared to the Star Trek Tricorder!…

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Sharyn Moodie: Ultrasound Goes Portable

Sharyn Moodie scanning a patient

Sharyn Moodie is a qualified Australian ultrasonographer (ASAR) who is spending her time travelling to offer her medical expertise to those in need. Along with the Bridging Health organization, Sharyn travelled to Tanna Island for two weeks in October 2018. Her A Sound Adventure blog covers what it has been like on the road as…

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Ultrasound Imaging on a Surgical Mission to Biri Island

When Dr. Pete Tonseth was invited to go on a surgical mission to Biri Island in the Philippines, there was doubt about how much he could help. He was a radiologist, and in the years that the mission went to the island, there was no medical imaging equipment available. The initial reaction from the team…

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“Heart of Malawi” Medical Mission

Two doctors scan a boy with a Clarius Scanner and view the image on an iPad

Clarius is proud to support global health initiatives around the world to bring ultrasound to the health practitioners that need it. Here’s an account of a recent medical mission to Malawi. We spoke with sonographer Seung Ju (Marcello) Na, H.BSc, RDCS, who recently travelled on a medical mission to Malawi. Called the “Heart of Malawi,”…

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Bringing Portable Ultrasound on a Medical Mission to Haiti

We recently spoke with registered sonographer Yana Karp, who took time out of her busy schedule to travel to Haiti via the “Friends of Haiti” initiative. While there, she brought her ultrasonography skills with her, using the Clarius ultrasound scanners we provided in order to assist her on her medical mission abroad. The state of…

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How Portable Ultrasound Benefitted a Doctor on a Medical Mission

Dr. Myriam Hughes had used ultrasound on many past medical missions, with varying levels of success. “I was always relying on old, half broken ultrasound equipment that didn’t really help in the diagnostic process,” said Hughes. She was first introduced to Clarius in August of 2017 and was impressed by the portability of the scanner. She…

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Mobile Ultrasound for Resource-Constrained Environments

Rural African Villagers Holding Portable Solar Charger

A few of the Clarius team recently had the opportunity to meet a broad range of ultrasound users at the AIUM 2016 conference. We heard from many clinicians working for Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in developing nations who are excited about the potential for Clarius to expand the clinical applications of ultrasound in remote and under-resourced…

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