Clarius Ultrasound Education Initiative

Chris Eddy demonstrates vessel access under ultrasound guidance using Clarius

We at Clarius Mobile Health understand there’s a large body of ultrasound education material available online. And a lot of it is really good. So some have asked why we want to create more. The simple answer is that Clarius is new and none of the material available today shows how to scan with our…

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Innovative Vascular Ultrasound Program Proves Successful

Vascular Ultrasound Program Infographic

A pioneering vascular ultrasound program has greatly improved the accuracy of IV “needle sticks” at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System. Matthew Ostroff, a nurse who is board-certified in Vascular Access, approached hospital leadership with the idea, making a strong case for how using ultrasound for vascular access could improve patient outcomes. Realizing the potential benefits across…

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