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Covid-19 Resources

Our team has put together some resources that may be useful for Clarius users who are treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Drew Hendricks of Inc. Magazine recently highlighted Clarius Mobile Health in the article: Trends in Healthcare Technology that are Upgrading the Industry. The article featured Dave Willis, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Clarius, as an expert source on the disruptive rise of mobile healthcare devices. Following is an excerpt.

The health care industry has been working to adopt its own arsenal of mobile solutions to help reduce costs while improving the quality of care. Dave Willis, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Clarius Mobile Health, a mobile ultrasound provider, shares how mobile solutions can resolve cost issues for hospitals. “Medical devices are often prohibitively expensive, meaning a hospital may only be able to purchase one unit if they have a tight budget. That also means that only one physician can use that device at any given moment.” Mobile devices, on the other hand, often cost much less and provide similar if not the same degree of quality that older, more expensive machines do.

Read the full article here.

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