Care for injuries anywhere with superior wireless ultrasound for orthopaedic surgery

With Clarius ultrasound in hand for instant high-definition MSK imaging, diagnose injuries with confidence and ensure procedural safety both in the office and on the field.

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⚠️ Clarius ultrasound is for medical professionals only.

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High-Definition Imaging
Wireless Freedom
AI Powered for Ease-of-Use

Stop the guessing game. Get your patients back in action faster with real-time MSK imaging.

Why wait for a radiology report when you can get the answers you need with Clarius ultrasound? Using dedicated MSK presets on the Clarius App, you’ll instantly get a clear window to evaluate injuries and assess function. Improve procedural safety by visualizing your needle and target anatomy clearly for accurate injections every time.

AI-Powered for Optimal Imaging

With 8 times the processing power of most handheld ultrasound systems, Clarius HD3 gives you sharp and clear images of muscle and tissue to assess injuries and perform injections with confidence. You get clear visualization of your needle and target anatomy for safe, accurate procedures.

  • Diagnose muscle sprains, tears, and tendon and ligament injuries
  • Visualize anatomy to plan for painless injections
  • Accurately guide joint injections and aspirations
  • Monitor progress and guide treatment accordingly
  • Identify subtle fractures, dislocations and confirm reduction
  • Optimize PRP benefits with accurate injections every time
High Definition

Artificial intelligence, 8 beamformers and 192 piezeoelectric elements deliver best-in-class imaging.

Cloud Storage

Manage your exams and build reports anywhere, anytime with unlimited Clarius Cloud storage.


Steadfast connection. Total freedom. Without cords, cleaning and disinfection are simple and fast.

Easy To Use

Friendly AI-powered app for your Apple or Android automatically delivers the best imaging.

Imaging You Can Trust for Specialized Patient Care

iOS & Android
14-Day Risk Free Return
3-year warranty

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With 7 scanners and specialized presets and workflows, we have a wireless ultrasound solution that’s perfect for you. Talk to our experts to learn which scanner can deliver the best ultrasound imaging for your practice.

⚠️ Clarius ultrasound is for medical professionals only.