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Ultrasound is more accessible than ever


Wireless Portable Ultrasound

It’s all about the image

  • Superior Image Quality

    Clarius scanners produce high-quality images that no other handheld scanner can compete with. 

  • Wireless Freedom

    No wires or cables to get contaminated, trip over, or break. A Clarius scanner weighs about a pound, making it an ultraportable ultrasound machine.

  • Works on iOS and Android

    Clarius works on both Android and iOS smart devices. Connect to the phone or tablet you already use.

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Clinical Images


You don't have to fiddle around with knobs and switches with our Point-and-Shoot Ultrasound™ technology

Tough & Rugged

We've built Clarius with a magnesium shell to withstand drops. It's also waterproof and made for demanding environments

Battery Powered

Rechargeable and comes with 2 batteries.
Doctor holds a Clarius handheld ultrasound scanner

The Clarius device is an interesting educational tool because it allows the power of a full ultrasound machine to be in the hands of students. They can have it at the bedside; they can have it in their pocket to have it with them wherever they are. Going forward, I see it being something that they will be able to use on a daily basis on the wards and with patients that they see.

Petter Tonseth, MD

Radiology / Medical Education

Doctor holds a Clarius portable ultrasound scanner

With no cords and portable size, the Clarius device will be very easy to bring to the bedside and to go from one patient to the next. I’m impressed with the ability to use the convex transducer as a phased array to capture very good cardiac images. It’s convenient to use one scanner for the abdomen, lungs and the heart.

Shane Arishenkoff, MD FRCPC

Internal Medicine / Medical Education

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