Handheld Ultrasound for Medical Education

Ultra portable and easy to use with iOS and Android devices, Clarius ultrasound is the new stethoscope for medical students learning to use ultrasound.

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Instant Access to Clear Imaging

With Clarius handheld ultrasound, students can focus on learning ultrasound anatomy instead of spending time mastering a complicated ultrasound machine. High resolution imaging makes it easy to correctly identify and learn anatomy. 

L15 Nerve WIreless Ultrasound Handheld
  • Our powerful AI optimizes the image automatically.
  • Clarius makes ultrasound affordable with all-inclusive pricing for unlimited users.
  • Clarius Cloud enables easy image management and a secure platform to  review and share without user limits.
  • Clarius Cast is ideal for real-time group instruction – students can watch scanning on their own devices!
  • Clarius Telemedicine lets students request a second opinion by sending a link via text or email.
  • Easy to share – simply download the iOS or Android app on your smart device and create an account.
Radiology / Medical Education

Petter Tonseth, MD

"The Clarius device is an interesting educational tool because it allows the power of a full ultrasound machine to be in the hands of students. They can have it at the bedside; they can have it in their pocket to have it with them wherever they are. Going forward, I see it being something that they will be able to use on a daily basis on the wards and with patients that they see."

Save, Manage, Share Exams for Review on Clarius Cloud

Secure and HIPPA compliant, the Clarius Cloud is an ideal platform to save, manage and store student ultrasound exams. Users can make notes, send exams for review, export PDF reports and more. Exams can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet Connection. Clarius Cloud storage is included for unlimited users with every scanner.


Send your ultrasound exam to Clarius Cloud after you're done scanning.

Access Anywhere

Access your exams stored in the Clarius Cloud from anywhere you have an Internet Connection.

Review & Share

Make notes, send exams for review, export PDF reports and more.

Editing an ultrasound exam in Clarius Cloud
Curvelinear EMED Scanner


Ideal for scanning everything from cardiac, lung, bladder, vascular access and superficial.

Phased Array EMED Ultrasound


Designed for bedside cardiac,
abdominal scanning and vascular access.

Clarius Classroom

Extended FAST Exam

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

First Trimester Intrauterine Pregnancy

See the Difference Great Image Quality Makes

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⚠️ Note: Clarius ultrasound is intended for use by medical professionals

By providing my email, I consent to receive Clarius webinar invitations, case studies, whitepapers, and more. I can unsubscribe anytime. Privacy Policy.