NEW Clarius PAL HD3 wireless dual-array for whole-body ultrasound!

With an innovative dual-array wireless design on a single head, the NEW Clarius PAL HD3 delivers unsurpassed versatility, superior image quality, and streamlined workflows.

Phased array + linear array

Unsurpassed versatility

Superior image quality

Wireless, lightweight, ultra-portable

AI-automated workflows

Cloud/DICOM/local image export

80% savings over compacts

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Explore 8 Ways to Elevate Healthcare Excellence with the NEW Clarius PAL HD3!

In the pursuit of excellence, healthcare facilities are turning to the Quadruple Aim framework – the Clarius PAL HD3 was designed with this in mind. Explore 8 ways the new dual-array HD wireless scanner (1) enhances engagement and patient experiences, (2) improves population health, (3) reduces healthcare costs, and (4) increases the well-being and satisfaction of healthcare providers.

A transformative system, the PAL propels us towards patient-centric care, optimized clinical outcomes, and epitomizes a new approach in comprehensive healthcare delivery and system optimization. See why clinicians claim their PAL is their new superpower.

1. Empower Better Patient Care Everywhere

In busy healthcare settings, the Clarius PAL delivers an instant window to support diagnostic confidence and safe procedural guidance. Empowered with high-definition imaging at the bedside, you can effectively engage patients in their care, gain support from colleagues, expedite the right treatment, and save lives.

2. Perform Unlimited Exams with Unsurpassed Versatility

Clarius PAL stands out by offering the broadest frequency range (1 to 15 MHz) and greatest depth to 40 cm, making it the preferred handheld for clinicians seeking the ultimate in image quality and diagnostic flexibility. With whole-body ultrasound imaging of superficial to deep structures, it supports a wide spectrum of clinical applications, from vascular access to cardiac assessments.

3. Save Time and Streamline Workflows with AI

With the phased and linear arrays on one side, you can seamlessly switch between presets with a single click. The cutting edge Auto Preset™ AI recognizes anatomy, automatically selecting the correct preset to optimize imaging. Clinicians say they can perform 95 to 99% of bedside exams with a single scanner, eliminating the need to swap probes, reducing interruptions, and improving workflow continuity.

4. Enhance Diagnostic Confidence with Superior Image Quality

Powered by AI, 192 piezoelectric elements, and (not one but) eight beamformers, the Clarius PAL HD3 delivers up to 8X the processing power and frame rates of other handhelds. Only Clarius offers the performance and image quality of compacts in a small form factor the size of a transducer. Crystal-clear imaging leaves no room for ambiguity, so you can make precise diagnoses and formulate treatment plans with confidence.

5. Protect Your Sterile Field with Wireless Ultrasound

With no wires to get in the way or infect your sterile field, you have absolute freedom to scan patients anywhere. Superior needle imaging improves the accuracy and safety of biopsies, nerve blocks, and vascular access procedures. With no wires to transport or clean, simply use a sterile bag and give your Clarius a wipe after the procedure. Clarius is IP67 rated, waterproof, and fully submersible for rapid disinfection.

6. Save Space and Improve the Patient Experience

Lightweight and ultra-portable, Clarius scanners require zero footprint and feature the latest antenna technology for the most reliable direct WIFI connection to iOS or Android phones and tablets. With no wires or bulky carts limiting monitor placement, you can easily share real-time imaging and talk patients through their exam or procedure, fostering their engagement and boosting their confidence.

7. Keep Records Securely on the Cloud or DICOM

Included with your Clarius Membership, Clarius Cloud allows you to easily store unlimited patient exams, make notations, generate reports, share exams, and access them from anywhere, anytime. And, save thousands on annual PACS costs by transferring saved images and videos from Clarius to a PACS system through the current DICOM web standard.

8. Save 80% Over Compact, Reduce Healthcare Costs

There’s no need to share or drag a tower from room to room. At up to 80% savings, Clarius delivers rapid ROI. Easily carry it anywhere or keep a PAL in every room. Ultra-portable and easy to use, it increases accessibility and efficiency up to 10-fold at the bedside, expediting diagnoses, reducing procedural complications, minimizing reliance on additional imaging, increasing throughput, and reducing length of stay.

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