Clarius arm

Clarius Arm

The Clarius Arm can hold phones and tablets sized 4"–11" weighing up to 1kg, and can rotate 360° for the best viewing angle.

Clarius foot pedal

Foot Pedal

Enable handsfree controls with the optional foot pedal to Freeze and Capture.

Clarius cross-body bag

Cross-body Bag

The cross-body bag holds two scanners and a small tablet, or one scanner, a small tablet, and a bottle of gel.

Clarius charger

Battery Charger

Extra battery charger in addition to the one that already comes with each Clarius scanner.

Clarius batteries


Extra battery in addition to the two that already come with each Clarius scanner.

Clarius fan attachment

Clarius Fan

The fan accessory attaches easily to all Clarius scanners for extending scanning time during educational sessions and heavy use scenarios.