Unlimited Users on all Clarius Cloud Plans

With no limit on users, Clarius Cloud allows you to add as many people from your institution as you need, at no additional cost.

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Save Exams in Clarius Cloud

Every scanner comes with a basic subscription to Clarius Cloud. Your ultrasound exams are uploaded to Clarius Cloud, where you can then edit, review, and share them. Access them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Review Exams

Edit patient information, annotations, and comments in Clarius Cloud. 


Generate PDF Reports

Export any exam on Clarius Cloud for printing or archiving. Our easy tools allow you to customize your PDF.

Share and Discuss

With a click of a button, share exams and images with colleagues internally and externally.

Clarius Live

Integrated Telemedicine

Your subscription will soon give you access to Clarius Live, which connects you to your colleagues for live feedback and discussion.
Clarius Live is an upcoming feature.


Create high quality videos

For obstetrics, you can create lasting memories for your patients with our video generator. These videos can then be easily shared via email or social media.


Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Keep your patient data safe with 128bit secure SSL encryption and HIPAA compliant protocols. We also use two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security.

Subscription Plans



  • Storage
  • Users
  • Reviews
  • PDF Reports
  • Act One™
  • Monthly Fees



  • Storage 2GB/Scanner, up to 10GB
  • Users Unlimited
  • Reviews 50
  • PDF Reports Unlimited
  • Act One™ 1
  • Monthly Fees Free


  • Storage 100GB
  • Users Unlimited
  • Reviews Unlimited
  • PDF Reports Unlimited
  • Act One™ 50
  • Monthly Fees $99/mo


  • Storage 1TB
  • Users Unlimited
  • Reviews Unlimited
  • PDF Reports Unlimited
  • Act One™ Unlimited
  • Monthly Fees $399/mo

* Prices are quoted in US dollars and are applicable globally.
** RF data storage is available only on Clarius Cloud Enterprise.