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Ultrasound imaging is a great tool that guide procedures. Traditional laptop ultrasound systems have many features that aren’t used, can end up being bulky on carts, and are very expensive. Cables get in the way of performing the procedures. Smaller systems usually don’t have the performance required to clearly see nerves. Access can also be an issue with large anesthesia groups. Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners provide outstanding nerve imaging using advanced techniques such as compound imaging. They also remove the cable issue, enable zero-footprint, provide an optional needle guidance technology, and get up and running in seconds.

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Clarius L7 waterproof scanner

Amazing image quality from a small portable scanner

You don't have to sacrifice image quality with handheld ultrasound. With Clarius Ultrasound Scanners, you get the best of both worlds.

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    No wires or cables to get contaminated, trip over, or break.

  • Sterilization cover icon

    Complete Sterile Coverage

    Since the Clarius scanner is wireless, you can completely enclose the entire system in a sterile cover.

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    100% Submersible for Disinfection

    Achieve high level disinfection with our IP67-certified ultrasound scanner.

Needle Guidance

Have more confidence when performing needle injections, epidurals, and nerve blocks. With our needle visualization, the needle is highlighted to help you hit the mark.

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Ultrasound image on a smartphone

High resolution

Clarius scanners produce top image quality that no other handheld can compete with.

Clarius portable ultrasound scanner and Clarius App on a smartphone

Boot up in less than 30 seconds

With a start-to-scan time of under 30 seconds, Clarius scanners are ready to scan when you are.

Clarius stand

Display scanning on wall or stand

Display live scanning on multiple screens, whether it's a wall mounted display or one mounted on a stand.

Clinical Images

I've been doing these blind for about 18-19 years, and now with this Wireless Clarius Ultrasound unit, we can wifi into our ipads. It's very easy to take with us, it travels very well, and we can go into the ORs. It's easy to see the joints, and we have good access and images to do our intra-articular injections.

Dr. Greg Hickman

Medical Director and Anesthesia Director at the Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center


Amazing technology that takes the portability of ultrasound to the next level without compromising image quality.

Raymond Tang, MD FRACS

Department of Anesthesia, Vancouver General Hospital

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