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Ultrasound imaging is a great tool for procedural guidance. Traditional laptop ultrasound systems can be complex, bulky, and expensive. Cables get in the way. Smaller systems often don’t have the resolution to clearly visualize. Access can also be an issue with large clinical groups. Clarius Ultrasound Scanners are wireless, enable zero-footprint, and boot up quickly. They have needle guidance technology and provide outstanding nerve imaging using advanced techniques, such as compound imaging.

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Clarius L7 linear handheld ultrasound scanner and Clarius App on an iPhone

Amazing image quality from a wireless ultrasound scanner

You don't have to sacrifice image quality with handheld ultrasound. With Clarius Ultrasound Scanners, you get the best of both worlds.

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    Small and Wireless

    A Clarius Scanner fits in your pocket and has no cables to manage.

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    100% Submersible for Disinfection

    Achieve high level disinfection with our IP67 certified ultrasound scanner.

Needle Guidance

Have more confidence when performing needle injections, epidurals, and biopsies. With our needle visualization, the needle is highlighted to help you hit the mark.

Enhanced Normal
Ultrasound image on a smartphone

High resolution

The Clarius Scanner produces top image quality that no other handheld can compete with. 

Clarius portable ultrasound scanner and Clarius App on a smartphone

Boot up in less than 30 seconds

With a start-to-scan time of under 30 seconds, there is no waiting around with the Clarius Scanner.

Clarius stand

Display scanning on wall or stand

Display live scanning on multiple screens, whether it's a wall mounted display or one mounted on a stand.

Clinical Images

User Reviews

Doctor holds a Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner

The main pros for using Clarius is its portability and ease of use. There are no cables, no need to find a plug, no need to have a large room to allow for bulky equipment. I literally walk into a room with the patient and can begin scanning.

Kevin Irish, MD


Tim Beresford

I’m loving the Clarius! And so are the patients whom I usually use to hold the iPad while I scan them. It really adds a personal element; rather than them being a subject, they become a participant in their care.

Tim Beresford, MD

Vascular Surgeon at Canterbury District Health Board

Andrew Ong

The Breast & Endocrine unit at Macarthur Health Service is one of the major oncology units in Sydney, Australia. The technology delivered by the Clarius high-resolution portable ultrasound enhances point-of-care assessments of breast cancer patients in my consulting rooms and the operating suite. I have been proud to offer this world-class technology locally and it has made a positive impact on my surgical practice.

Andrew Ong, FRACS

Breast & Endocrine Surgeon

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