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Ultrasound is making its way into more and more medical education programs. Typical systems are bulky, expensive laptops that make it difficult for all students to access and use ultrasound. Other systems lack image clarity and resolution. Clarius Ultrasound Scanners are a mobile solution for medical schools, allowing students to have instant access to the technology in various settings. Clarius Cloud also offers a platform for review and sharing.

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Clarius Live on a laptop and phone

Ultrasound telemedicine at the push of a button

Easily and quickly start a telemedicine session
with just SMS or email.

Works on iOS and Android

Clarius scanners work with both Android and iOS smart devices. Connect to the phones and tablets you currently use.

Clarius App on a smartphone and tablet
Ultrasound image on the Clarius App

Intelligent Auto Adjust

Our powerful image quality AI will adjust the image for you. You don't have to fiddle around with knobs and switches.

Clarius App on a smartphone and tablet

High Resolution

Clarius scanners produce top image quality that no other handheld can compete with.

Clarius L7 linear handheld ultrasound scanner and the Clarius App on a smartphone

Boot up in less than 30 seconds

With a start-to-scan time of under 30 seconds, there is no waiting around with the Clarius Ultrasound Scanner.

Full-body imaging with a single scanner

The Clarius C3 Scanner can go from scanning the abdomen to the extremities without changing devices with its Virtual Linear and Virtual Phased Array settings. Now you can carry one scanner in your pocket to scan deep structures within the abdomen, superficial anatomy, and even the heart.




Clinical Images

User Reviews

Doctor holds a Clarius handheld ultrasound scanner

The Clarius device is an interesting educational tool because it allows the power of a full ultrasound machine to be in the hands of students. They can have it at the bedside; they can have it in their pocket to have it with them wherever they are. Going forward, I see it being something that they will be able to use on a daily basis on the wards and with patients that they see.

Petter Tonseth, MD

Radiology / Medical Education

Doctor holds a Clarius portable ultrasound scanner

With no cords and portable size, the Clarius device will be very easy to bring to the bedside and to go from one patient to the next. I’m impressed with the ability to use the convex transducer as a phased array to capture very good cardiac images. It’s convenient to use one scanner for the abdomen, lungs and the heart.

Shane Arishenkoff, MD FRCPC

Internal Medicine / Medical Education

Myriam Hughes

I loved the simplicity of switching on the screen from abdominal to cardiac, obstetric, and lung—even for difficult to scan patients. Clarius saves a lot of time during rounds, especially when there is not a radiologist at hand. There is no comparison between the sharpness and clearness of the image from the Clarius C3 to the other machines, even some portable ones we had available, making this the preferable device during my time overseas.

Myriam Hughes, MD

Internal Medicine, Resident

I have had multiple trainees and experienced PoCUS users trial the device—they have been impressed with the quality of the imaging—sufficient to answer the point of care clinical questions relevant to General Internal Medicine. My two PGY-1s have the two Clarius C3s, and they are constantly scanning—they are practising because of the availability and portability of the device. In particular, the Cloud has been the game changer for me from an ultrasound education perspective—the auto-upload and ability for annotation and feedback.

Barry Chan, MD

Internal Medicine
Richard Abrams

Technical support from Clarius has been truly remarkable. I’ve enjoyed acquiring new skills in sonography. I can only hope that all medical students will learn to obtain and read ultrasound images. The Clarius scanner should eventually replace the stethoscope in the pocket of every white coat.

Richard Abrams, MD

Internal Medicine
Rob Park

With the appropriate training, these tools could be amazingly useful in a rural area for initial triage of conditions ranging from abdominal aortic aneurysms to broken ribs.

Rob Park, MD

General Practitioner
Martin Pham-Dinh

After a few weeks of use, I can tell you that given the time saved and the facility to perform additional examinations, the cost of acquisition is negative. The device gives back more than it costs and the biggest benefit is not monetary; it's the better quality and pleasure of my work.

Martin Pham-Dinh, MD

Div Kumar

I love the fact that it's cordless. The picture itself is amazing, and I love the fact that I can increase the depth with a simple flick of the finger. As a first time user I was able to figure it out on my own without any guidance.

Div Kumar, MD

Internal Medicine, Resident
Herbert Schuster

Clarius is the perfect tool to carry with me on home visits. Because of its portability, I can assess a patient right away and potentially avoid any unnecessary transport to a clinic. Despite its small size, the Clarius scanner has an image quality that is comparable to my standard ultrasound device in practice.

Herbert Schuster, Prof. Dr. med.

Internal Medicine / Medical Genetics / Cardiovascular Disease

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