Portable Ultrasound for

Plastic Surgery


Ultrasound imaging is a great tool for procedural guidance and removes the need for MRI scans and interventional radiology. Traditional laptop ultrasound systems can be complex and expensive. Clarius Ultrasound Scanners are wireless, handheld, and can be booted up quickly.

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1-day hands-on course on ultrasound for plastic surgery

Course Outline

  1. Ultrasound physics
  2. Ultrasound surveillance of breast implants
  3. Diagnosis and aspiration of abdominal and breast seromas
  4. Ultrasound guided TAP Block & Pectoralis Block
  5. Ultrasound guided fat grafting

Date and Location

September 20 in San Diego

Plastic surgery ultrasound course
Clarius L7 waterproof scanner

Amazing image quality from a small portable scanner

You don't have to sacrifice image quality with handheld ultrasound. With Clarius Ultrasound Scanners, you get the best of both worlds.

  • Sterilization cover icon

    Complete Sterile Coverage

    Since the Clarius scanner is wireless, you can enclose the entire system in a sterile cover.

  • Waterproof icon

    100% Submersible for Disinfection

    Achieve high level disinfection with our IP67-certified ultrasound scanner.

Ultrasound that travels with you

Take ultrasound with you anywhere. The Clarius scanner weighs about a pound. It can pair with most phones and tablets, making it an ultraportable ultrasound machine.

Clarius ultrasound for plastic surgery

Works on iOS and Android devices

Clarius scanners work with both iOS and Android smart devices. Connect to the phones and tablets you currently use.

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High resolution

The Clarius scanner produces top image quality that no other handheld can compete with.

Clarius ultrasound fast bootup for plastic surgery

Boot up in less than 30 seconds

With a start-to-scan time of under 30 seconds, there is no waiting around with the Clarius Ultrasound Scanner.

Clarius ultrasound wall and stand display

Display scanning on wall or stand

Display live scanning on multiple screens, whether it's a wall-mounted display or one mounted on a stand.

Clinical Images

User Reviews

I have tried many scanners but this has exceeded my expectations. It is wireless, a key feature for a surgeon, with great resolution. But even more exciting is the staff’s willingness to work with specialists to better serve our needs.

Ricardo Rodriguez, MD

Baltimore Plastic Surgery

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