Finding an available ultrasound machine can be difficult if you have to share it between colleagues. Clarius scanners gives you the flexibility having a personal ultrasound device to use when you need it. With our high imaging quality, there is no need to go and search for that traditional bulky cart-based system. 

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Quick Touch
Bladder Volume Measurements

Quick Touch makes it faster and easier to take measurements. Tap the region of interest and the app will automatically approximate the measurements for you. You can then make any manual adjustments if needed. 

Try it in our Clarius App Demo Mode.

Clarius Quick Touch bladder volume measurements

Ultrasound that travels with you

Take ultrasound with you anywhere. The Clarius scanner weighs about a pound. It can pair with most phones and tablets, making it an ultraportable ultrasound machine.

High Resolution Wireless Ultrasound

Don't be constrained by bulky cart-based ultrasound. Have the freedom to take ultrasound from room-to-room easily.

  • Superior image quality

    We've designed Clarius scanners with image quality in mind. They produce clear images, so you can always see the details you need to see.

  • Time-saving workflows

    We've designed the workflow to be fast and efficient so that you can see more patients.

  • Wireless

    Clarius scanners are wireless and connect directly to your smart device. Scan without cords getting in the way.

  • Easy to use

    Our automatic presets make scanning easier. They optimize imaging settings based on your workflow, so you don’t have to make adjustments.

  • Easy to clean

    The Clarius scanners support full sterile enclosure and are fully submersible for easy cleaning.

Clarius ultrasound measuring prostate volume
Prostate scan with Clarius EC7 endocavity scanner

Clarius Endocavity Scanner

The Clarius EC7 Endocavity Scanner supports full sterile enclosure, and is fully submersible for easy cleaning. It's compatible with high-level disinfection solutions and disposable and reusable biopsy guides.

Frequency: 3–10 MHz

Max-Depth: 15 cm

Clarius ultrasound scan of prostate

Featured ultrasound case by Dr. Kevin Zorn

Bipolar TURP for a DRE 40g Prostate

Here is an example of a case whereby the patient on anticoagulantion (asa and brilanta) was booked for a TURP. Use of POCUS helped us quickly determine the true accurate volume of 100cc and thereby allow the patient to receive the correct BPH surgical modality.

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