5 Ways Ultrasound Adds Value to Your MSK Practice

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RMSK expert Greg Fritz shares common ultrasound techniques that have improved his physiotherapy outcomes.

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll learn how easy and affordable it is to add handheld ultrasound to your MSK practice. We explore:

  • How to use ultrasound for more accurate diagnoses
  • Real patient cases that specifically benefited from MSK imaging
  • Getting patients excited and committed to your treatment plans
  • Ways to increase patient billings with ultrasound

Watch as Greg Fritz shares strategies honed over 14 years as an MSK sonologist! You'll learn how to use ultrasound to reduce maybes, improve the accuracy of your diagnoses, direct a reasoned course of treatment, document progress and ultimately motivate patients to become your allies on their journey to recovery.

Like a mechanic who diagnoses a car's problem by tapping on the hood or guessing at a weird engine sound, physical diagnosis is often guesswork. We would never trust a mechanic who doesn’t look under the hood, so why should we trust our examinations that stop at the skin?

Ultrasound delivers the most effective and dynamic point-of-care diagnostics for musculoskeletal conditions. The cost, complexity and size of machines have, up until now, only reinforced the false belief that only highly trained specialists can use it. It's time to debunk the myth.

Handheld ultrasound has made high definition imaging both affordable and simple. From beginner to advanced practitioners, handheld ultrasound can take your mechanical diagnostics to the next level and way beyond. Eliminate “might be” diagnoses and get to the heart of the problem to deliver more effective treatments, monitor progress, and motivate your patients like you never thought possible.

Don't miss it! On November 18th, join Greg Fritz, PT, DPT, RMSK, Founder of EchoHealth MSK Imaging, with Dr. Oron Frenkel, MD, Emergency Physician and Chairman of the Clarius Medical Advisory Board.

Physio MSKUS Specialist

Greg Fritz, PT, DPT, RMSK

Greg has over 34 years of specialty level physical therapy experience. He began his career in Anacortes through Island Hospital and now is the owner of 3 outpatient sports and industrial injury clinics that also provide patient focused general MSK injury rehabilitation. 13 years ago, Greg was introduced to the idea of diagnostic MSK ultrasound imaging from an uncle who was an internist and an innovator with Sonosite in cardiac and vascular sonography. Greg was provided his first scanner to explore the value in his practice. From that point, and after many hours practicing on his kids with gel and an anatomy book, Greg began looking at injuries and the echotexture that tissues undergo during the process of healing. Today, Greg offers diagnostic imaging to his patients and medical professionals in his community. All of the clinics that Greg owns are on islands and there is real value in providing high resolution soft tissue imaging to this population. Greg is passionate for the service product of MSK POCUS and is mission-driven to see it find wings within his profession.

Emergency Physician

Oron Frenkel, MD, MS

Dr. Oron Frenkel completed his MS and MD simultaneously at the University of California Joint Medical Program in Berkeley and San Francisco, completing his residency in Emergency Medicine followed by a fellowship in Point-of-Care Ultrasound at Alameda County Medical Center in Oakland, California. He moved to British Columbia with the goal of increasing use of point-of-care ultrasound across the province, especially among rural practitioners. An avid educator, Dr. Frenkel is constantly evaluating the best teaching methods for disseminating this technology, how to measure competency in its practice, and its effects on outcomes for individual patients. Dr. Frenkel serves as Chairman of the Clarius Medical Advisory Board.