Handheld Ultrasound for Pain Management

With high definition nerve and musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging, Clarius HD is the ideal wireless ultrasound system for safe, accurate procedure guidance.

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⚠️ Clarius ultrasound is for medical professionals only.

High-Definition Imaging
Wireless Freedom
AI Powered for Ease-of-Use

Best-in-Class for MSK Imaging

Widely believed to deliver the best imaging quality among handheld ultrasound systems, Clarius HD is easy to learn and use. Eliminate lengthy palpation with instant musculoskeletal imaging to optimize diagnostic accuracy and surgical planning. You’ll clearly see anatomy and your needle in real-time for 100% accuracy while performing deeper injections. Clarius HD takes the guesswork out of pain management, enhancing confidence and the overall patient experience.

  • Nerve and advanced MSK presets for diagnostic and interventional blocks and procedures.
  • Without wires and complicated settings, you can focus on delivering accurate pain relief quickly.
  • Easy to disinfect or cover in a sterile sleeve.
  • Add Needle Enhance optional software to accurately guide difficult procedures.
  • Start the scanner and launch the app on your Apple or Android device to start scanning within seconds.
  • Get free Clarius Cloud access to save and manage exams, export PDF reports and more.
  • Save space with Clarius – carry it in your pocket!
High Definition

Artificial intelligence, 8 beamformers and 192 piezeoelectric elements deliver best-in-class imaging.

Cloud Storage

Manage your exams and build reports anywhere, anytime with unlimited Clarius Cloud storage.


Steadfast connection. Total freedom. Without cords, cleaning and disinfection are simple and fast.

Easy To Use

Friendly AI-powered app for your Apple or Android automatically delivers the best imaging.

Imaging You Can Trust for Specialized Patient Care

Wireless & Future Proof

The future of smart devices is portless. Clarius HD now features the latest antenna technology for the most reliable direct WIFI connection to your mobile iOS or Android devices – no ports, no cables. Untethered, you have absolute freedom to scan everywhere.

iOS & Android
14-Day Risk Free Return
3-year warranty

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With 7 scanners and specialized presets and workflows, we have a wireless ultrasound solution that’s perfect for you. Talk to our experts to learn which scanner can deliver the best ultrasound imaging for your practice.

⚠️ Clarius ultrasound is for medical professionals only.