Ultrasound in Facial Aesthetics: Vascular Mapping, Evaluating Fillers and Complications

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Put blind injections behind you! Join renowned expert Dr. Steven F. Weiner as he teaches how to clearly visualize facial vascular networks in minutes to eliminate risk and keep patients safe.

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll discover how easy and affordable it is to add wireless ultrasound to your cosmetic clinic or plastic surgery practice. We’ll explore:

    • The real dangers of blind injections and how to eliminate them
    • Vascular mapping to confirm the location, size and depth of arteries
    • How to identify and characterize previously placed fillers
    • Guiding injections to dissolve HA fillers and placing steroids in granulomas

Take off the blindfold with ultrasound in 2021! Looking under the skin to map vascular structures and guide procedures can avoid unnecessary risks with cosmetic injections. You’ll learn proven ultrasound techniques that will improve safety and boost patient confidence.

Vascular anatomy varies from face to face. Luckily, by using ultrasound for vascular mapping it takes just minutes to eliminate the risk of intravascular injections (which can otherwise lead to embolization in the central retinal artery, deprive the retina of oxygen and cause irreversible blindness).

Join international lecturer, physician trainer and researcher Dr. Steven F. Weiner, MD as he teaches how to use wireless ultrasound to build a facial vascular map of your next patient in just 5 minutes. He’ll explain how this critical step upfront eliminates the risks of intravascular injections for the first and all subsequent treatments. With high definition visualization of the skin, muscles, vessels and fascia, you’ll gain confidence in your needle placement.

Dr. Weiner will also show you how to locate previously placed fillers and visualize their composition. You’ll learn how to use ultrasound to characterize filler complications, including granuloma, nodule, abscess, hematoma, infection and vascular occlusion. Finally, he’ll explain how to use ultrasound images to guide injections when treating complications with hyaluronidase (to dissolve HA filler) or steroid injections into granulomas.

The industry has been injecting “blindly” for decades. Now, with the miniaturization of high definition ultrasound and advances in artificial intelligence, learning and using handheld ultrasound imaging is fast, affordable and easy. It’s time to take off the blindfold to gain a competitive edge, impress patients and keep cosmetic injections accurate and safe. Don’t be left blindsided – register today!

Dr. Steven F. Weiner, MD Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon | Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery

Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon | Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Steven F. Weiner, MD

Dr. Steven F. Weiner is a Board Certified, Head, Neck, and Facial Plastic Surgeon. After graduating from U.C.L.A., he completed Medical School at the University of Michigan. He interned and spent his residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital where he became an instructor for 2 years in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery/Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Weiner established his private practice in Thomasville, Georgia with great success for 10 years before envisioning the future of cosmetic procedures as non-surgical. In 2005, he “laid down his scalpel,” concentrating 100% of his efforts in non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures by founding The Aesthetic Clinique. Dr. Weiner maintains an extensive lecturing and teaching schedule. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Dr. Weiner is one of the top physician trainers for Galderma and participates in their “Train the Trainer” where he trains the Galderma trainers. He has been invited to several advisory boards, including Galderma, Revance, Lutronic, Suneva, and Allergan. His areas of expertise are: acne scar revision, fillers using blunt microcannulas, ultrasound of the face, and RF Microneedling.

Oron Frenkel, M.D., M.S. Emergency Physician

Emergency Physician

Oron Frenkel, M.D., M.S.

Dr. Oron Frenkel completed his MS and MD simultaneously at the University of California Joint Medical Program in Berkeley and San Francisco, completing his residency in Emergency Medicine followed by a fellowship in Point-of-Care Ultrasound at Alameda County Medical Center in Oakland, California. He moved to British Columbia with the goal of increasing use of point-of-care ultrasound across the province, especially among rural practitioners. An avid educator, Dr. Frenkel is constantly evaluating the best teaching methods for disseminating this technology, how to measure competency in its practice, and its effects on outcomes for individual patients. Dr. Frenkel serves as Chairman of the Clarius Medical Advisory Board.