Ultra-portable wireless ultrasound for the nimble regional anesthesiologist.

With high-definition imaging comparable to traditional systems, Clarius is the ultimate wireless ultrasound scanner for safe regional nerve blocks and post-operative follow-up.

Clear, rapid ultrasound-guidance always in hand for effective blocks.

Don’t waste time hunting for a bulky ultrasound system to perform a pectoralis nerve block, supraclavicular nerve block or intra-articular injection. For 70% of regional anesthesia procedures, the speed and high-definition image of Clarius ultrasound get you there, in-and-out, faster. No more guessing where your needle is or wasting medication. No more wires contaminating your sterile prep area. No more bulky system slowing you down.

AI-Powered for Optimal Imaging

Optimize patient comfort and minimize complications! Wireless and pocket-sized, Clarius delivers the high-definition imaging and performance of traditional ultrasound systems in a highly affordable ultra-mobile scanner. You get clear visualization of your needle and target anatomy for safe, accurate procedures, every time.

  • Use ultrasound to guide a supraclavicular block in the pre-op area
  • Visualize an intra-articular injection in the operating room
  • Confirm correct positioning of a continuous catheter
  • Run to the post-anesthetic care unit for a pectoralis nerve block
  • Visualize your needle, tiny nerve and vessels for every procedure

In this video, Dr. Hickman performs an ultrasound-guided supraclavicular block providing post-op pain control for his patient who will undergo ulnar release and carpal tunnel surgery.

In this video Dr. Hickman uses ultrasound to visualize the axillary brachial plexus, then guides his needle to inject around the nerves, avoiding vascular structures

Using a high-frequency scanner, identify the median nerve in preparation for a median nerve block, then proceed with an accurate block under ultrasound guidance in real-time.

Image Clarity You Can Trust for Regional Anesthesia


Steadfast connection. Total freedom. Without cords, cleaning and disinfection are simple and fast.

Clarius Cloud*

Manage your exams and build reports anywhere, anytime with unlimited Clarius Cloud storage.

Easy To Use

Friendly app for Apple or Android streamlines workflows with simple swipe, tap, and voice controls*.

High Definition

AI, 8 beamformers, and 192 piezoelectric elements automatically deliver best-in-class imaging.


Ideal for small spaces, Clarius HD3 fits in your pocket. Take it with you everywhere!


7 scanners and specialized software offer dedicated presets and automated workflows for your specialty.

* Available only with membership.

Needle Enhance

Exclusive to members, Clarius Needle Enhance allows for better visualization of your needle for guiding safe procedures. Watch your needle light up with clear imaging of tiny nerves, vessels, and surrounding anatomy for a clear path to your injection target.

Book a Virtual Demo

With specialized presets and workflows, Clarius HD3 is perfect for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia procedures. Book a virtual demo with our experts to see the difference high-definition wireless ultrasound imaging can make for the nimble regional anesthesiologist.

Get the Membership Advantage with a Complete Ecosystem

Unlock the full power of ultrasound imaging! Your Clarius membership offers advanced software to expand your capabilities, full access to education to hone your skills, and a secure cloud solution to take your craft everywhere.

Clarius Cloud

Store and manage unlimited patient exams in the cloud or push to DICOM.

Voice Controls

Go hands-free by asking your scanner to adjust depth, freeze, and more.

Advanced Software

Refine your experience with all AI‑powered tools and packages.

Clarius Live

Get a 2nd opinion from a colleague with one-touch telemedicine.

Clarius Classroom

Watch 100+ video tutorials in-app and join us in virtual training sessions.

Clarius Clinician

Book 60-minutes of personal training upon receiving your scanner.

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We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!

We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!