Eliminate guesswork with high-definition MSK ultrasound.

Clarius HD3 is the ideal wireless ultrasound scanner for musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging and procedural guidance. Make a confident diagnosis with high-resolution imaging of muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage both at rest and in motion.

Diagnose injuries instantly with clear imaging of tears and inflammation.

Delivering the same high-powered imaging as the best cart-based systems, Clarius HD3 ultrasound shows you the fine details you need to quickly investigate an area of concern for an accurate diagnosis. Watch patient engagement sore with real-time imaging of their injuries.

AI-Powered for Optimal Imaging

With 8 times the processing power of most handheld ultrasound systems, Clarius HD3 gives you sharp and clear images of muscle and tissue to assess injuries and perform injections with confidence. With AI assistance on your smart device, getting a great image is easy. Start scanning in seconds, then simply pinch to zoom, slide to change gain, and tap to switch modes.

  • Confidently identify joint effusions
  • Identify and grade sprains and tears, then monitor progress
  • Distinguish between calcific tendonitis and rotator cuff tears
  • Identify an Achilles tear and monitor treatment efficacy over time
  • Foster patient trust and commitment to your treatment plan
  • Visualize your needle to avoid tiny nerves and vessels when injecting

The rotator interval plays an important role in the normal function of the shoulder joint. Use the MSK or Advanced Shoulder Preset with Clarius high-definition ultrasound to clearly identify the space between the biceps and supraspinatus tendons in the assessment of shoulder instability.

There are many indications for imaging the patellar tendon, including tendinosis and bursitis. With Clarius high-definition linear ultrasound, use the MSK or Advanced Knee Preset to can get superb detail of the tendon fibers in real time, resulting in a quick and accurate diagnosis. Characterize injuries of the knee by imaging the tendon in both short- and long-axis.

For patients presenting with heel pain, the plantar fascia can be quickly identified and measured with high-definition ultrasound. Use the MSK for Advanced Plantar Preset in your Clarius high-definition linear scanner to clearly visualize the heel and accurately measure  the plantar fascia to identify signs of plantar fasciitis and diagnose this painful condition.

Image Clarity You Can Trust for Musculoskeletal (MSK)


Steadfast connection. Total freedom. Without cords, cleaning and disinfection are simple and fast.

Clarius Cloud*

Manage your exams and build reports anywhere, anytime with unlimited Clarius Cloud storage.

Easy To Use

Friendly app for Apple or Android streamlines workflows with simple swipe, tap, and voice controls*.

High Definition

AI, 8 beamformers, and 192 piezoelectric elements automatically deliver best-in-class imaging.


Ideal for small spaces, Clarius HD3 fits in your pocket. Take it with you everywhere!


7 scanners and specialized software offer dedicated presets and automated workflows for your specialty.

* Available only with membership.

Advanced MSK Package

Exclusive to members, the Advanced MSK Package offers more flexibility for users who need additional customizations for various joint spaces and MSK related anatomy. With specialized presets from foot to shoulders, you can finely tune imaging to visualize all details, improve diagnostics and guide safe procedures.

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We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!

We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!