Expert Ultrasound-Guided Blocks for Knee Surgery – IPACK, Genicular Nerve, and Adductor Canal Techniques


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Dr. Greg Hickman has perfected his block techniques over the past 30 years. Learn his expert ultrasound-guided techniques providing the best post-operative pain relief for patients undergoing knee surgery.

In this 1 hour webinar watch Dr. Hickman use high-resolution ultrasound to visualize target anatomy and optimize his needle approach to successfully perform 3 blocks prior to an ACL repair. You’ll learn:

  • The innervation of the knee and blocks that are effective for post-op pain control
  • How ultrasound is used to visualize the optimal site for IPACK (Interspace Between the Popliteal Artery and Posterior Capsule of the Knee) injections
  • To block the superior lateral genicular nerves and to anesthetize the joint
  • How to confirm accurate anesthetic distribution using ultrasound
  • To identify the adductor canal and determine the best placement of a continuous catheter

Learn ultrasound-guided injection techniques from the expert! Watch Dr. Hickman as he shares video of an actual patient procedure, demonstrating how wireless ultrasound ensures excellent regional blocks for pain control immediately post-operatively and longer term if needed.

With an aging population, knee surgeries are now one of the most frequently performed procedures. Anesthesiologists work “behind the scenes” to ensure patients have minimal pain following knee surgeries, and at the same time ensuring sensory and motor function of the leg and foot is preserved. An effective adductor canal block can actually facilitate post-operative rehab. High-resolution ultrasound has proven invaluable in the precision and accuracy required to perform these blocks.

Innervation of the knee joint and surrounding tissues is complex. Depending on the surgery being performed and rehabilitation that follows, only select nerves need to be blocked, while and others avoided. In this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Hickman shares his techniques for using high-resolution wireless ultrasound to perform 3 different pre-op blocks quickly, accurately, and efficiently to deliver maximum pain management for ACL repair surgery.

Dr. Hickman shares the advantages of wireless ultrasound for regional anesthesiology, “It improves your speed of being able to do the block, and it actually improves the duration of block because you’re getting more local around the target nerve versus doing it blind where you really don’t see it. It should help anyone’s confidence in what they’re doing to be able to see what they’re doing.”

Watch this webinar to learn how using wireless ultrasound can help you perform quicker, safer procedures with less guesswork, and in many cases less anesthetic for more effective blocks. Watch today!

Gregory Hickman, M.D. Regional Anesthesia & Acute Pain Medicine

Regional Anesthesia & Acute Pain Medicine

Gregory Hickman, M.D.

Dr. Gregory Hickman is the Medical Director and Anesthesia Director at the Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida. He is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Academy of Pain Management, licensed in the states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. Dr. Hickman belongs to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Society of Regional Anesthesia, and the American Academy of Pain Management. Dr. Hickman is co-founder of the popular ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia education website which teaches doctors, nurses, and patients around the world. Dr. Hickman has been working closely with Dr. Andrews for over 25 years and was involved with the planning and opening of the Andrews Institute ASC in 2007.

Shelley Guenther Sonographer, Clinical Marketing Manager

Sonographer, Clinical Marketing Manager

Shelley Guenther

Shelley Guenther worked as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for 2 years before entering into the ultrasound program at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. After graduating with specialties in general ultrasound as well as echocardiography, she worked as a clinical expert in the commercial world of ultrasound for over 25 years. As Clinical Marketing Manager at Clarius, Shelley Guenther is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational content for clinicians looking to add wireless ultrasound to their practice, including practical webinars and Clarius Classroom video tutorials.

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