[VIDEO] Innovation Spotlight: Clarius Membership Unlocks Advanced Ultrasound Features and Lower Upfront Cost

With the introduction of the third-generation Clarius handheld wireless scanners this year, we designed a new membership bundle to make getting your Clarius HD3 Scanner more affordable upfront, while providing numerous features and educational optional to enhance your Clarius ultrasound experience.

The Clarius Membership consists of three elements: education, advanced software, and cloud management.

At this year’s Innovation Spotlight event, Jeff Schoenfeld, VP of Operations at Clarius, introduced the new Clarius Membership and pricing model. Watch the video to learn more or read on for highlights.

Clarius Education: Fast Track Your Mastery of Ultrasound

For new ultrasound users, education and automation are key to getting started with confidence. As a Clarius Member, you’ll enjoy online live training sessions with Clarius Clinicians who will answer your questions and help you get the most out of your Clarius HD3 scanner.

You’ll also have in-app access to over 250 Clarius Classroom tutorials. These short follow-along videos feature Clarius experts with models as well as physicians showcasing real-life patient cases. By making them available in-app, you can learn directly from your device with a simple and intuitive interface to switch between scanning and video playback.

Advanced Features for Every Specialty

Clarius members have access to all advanced features, including, Needle Enhance, Pulsed-Wave Doppler, DICOM, Elastography, and all Advanced Software Packages (including, MSK, Breast, OB, and many more). With Membership, it’s all included.

Update 05/2023: Advanced Packages are no longer available as a One-Time Purchase option.

You can refine and personalize your ultrasound experience with these Advanced Software Packages as you wish. And as a member, you’ll also automatically receive all AI technologies as we introduce them.

Unlimited Clarius Cloud Storage and Management

The Clarius Ultrasound App is HIPAA-compliant. It allows you to save deidentified images locally to your smart devices, and there’s an option to upload exams to DICOM. But for most private clinicians, it’s the Clarius Cloud they use most. There are now more than 50,000 users on Clarius Cloud.

Once you complete an exam with Clarius, exam data and encrypted patient information are initially stored on your smart device where space is limited. When you end your exam, you have the option to save to the Clarius Cloud. The ultrasound data is automatically uploaded using encrypted HTTPS when an internet connection is available.

Clarius Membership comes with unlimited Clarius Cloud storage for convenient exam management anywhere. When you save your ultrasound exams to the cloud, you can access your account anytime, from any computer or any smart device. So, it’s easy to manage your patient exams, add notations, and to customize your PDF reports for billings and consultations. You can also share a deidentified exam with a colleague by email to get a second opinion while maintaining patient confidentiality.

Clarius Membership or Standalone Purchase – You Choose

With the announcement of our membership program, we’ve also offered new pricing models for Clarius ultrasound. You can purchase your new Clarius HD3 scanner at an incredibly low price with an annual membership fee. Or you can choose a standalone purchase price. Visit our product pricing page to see how much you can save upfront in your region. Visit our Membership page to learn more about what’s included.

To learn more about your options, contact us today to schedule a virtual demo. We look forward to introducing you to the world’s best wireless handheld ultrasound scanner!

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