[VIDEO] Naturopathic Physician’s Practice Grows as Word Spreads About Ultrasound-Guided Treatments

Dr. Alex Del Duca reports feeling a little uncertain when he initially started doing therapeutic injections using the landmark-added approach.  

There was a component where I was never 100% sure about things or where my injectate ended up,” says the naturopathic physician who specializes in pain management and sports medicine at his practice on Vancouver Island, Canada. “Since switching to ultrasound, in any procedure, I feel phenomenally better. I’m able to sleep. I know where everything was on the screen and I’m able to track that needle. And I have full continuity over 90% of my procedures, which is a phenomenal feeling.” 

Watch this 5- minute interview with Dr. Del Duca to learn more about his experiences with Clarius ultrasound.

Dr. Del Duca began his training in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound two years ago and subsequently purchased the second-generation Clarius L7 HD primarily to guide all of the evidence-based therapies provided at his office including Visco supplementation, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Prolotherapy, and Cortisone injections. He also uses it to educate his patients about anatomy and to monitor progress over time. 

Patients feel safer when there’s an ultrasound in the room helping with assessment and when I use it for the procedures,” he says. “I think they feel they’re getting more comprehensive care because there’s less pain and the treatment is more accurate. It has been amazing from a finance perspective because patients have sought out my practice because I use ultrasound.” 

Dr. Del Duca uses the Clarius L7 HD3, which enables him to be more nimble. “Having the new device in my hands, I notice that it’s significantly smaller and my movements on the screen are reflected instantaneously. I don’t need to worry about it being slower than a wired device.” 

Watch part two to learn why Dr. Del Duca recommends Clarius to his colleagues, and what he has to say about the Clarius ultrasound education program. 

Interested in Learning Ultrasound-Guided Injection Techniques? 

Dr. Del Duca is on the faculty of West Coast Injection Training, which holds evidence-based, CNPBC-certified, regenerative medicine injection training to help clinicians build a successful injection therapy practice using PRP, hyaluronic acid, corticosteroids, and prolotherapy. Visit the website for details. 

Eliminate Guesswork with Clarius Ultrasound 

Clarius HD3 is the ideal wireless ultrasound scanner for musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging and procedural guidance. You’ll get the high definition of the best cart-based system for a small fraction of the cost. 

You can choose from three specialty handheld ultrasound scanners that are suitable for MSK scanning. Visit our pain management specialty page to learn more. Or book a virtual demo today with a Clarius expert in your region. 

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