Clarius Live – Risk Acknowledgement and Release

Clarius Live – Risk Acknowledgement and Release

WARNING: Clarius Live calls can be made to individuals outside your institution.  During these calls, information viewable on your mobile device screen and video taken from your mobile device cameras are transmitted to the call recipient.  This information may include protected patient information such as a patient’s name or an image of a patient’s face.  By using this feature, you accept responsibility for obtaining proper patient consents and ensuring that this information is only transmitted to authorized call recipients.

You also accept responsibility for obtaining and documenting the consent of the call recipient to be contacted, prior to sending a Clarius Live request.

Clarius Live is intended to facilitate consultation and education; it is not intended for remote diagnostic or overreading purposes.  By using this feature, you acknowledge and accept that as between you and your call recipient, diagnosis, care, and treatment of your patient remains your sole responsibility.

If you are relying on a call recipient for clinical input, you accept responsibility for ensuring that they are properly licensed by any governing medical licensing bodies.

Standard data rates apply if you use cellular data to conduct a Clarius Live call.  Please contact your cellular service provider for pricing and service plan information and rates before using cellular data for Clarius Live calls.

Clarius makes reasonable attempts to ensure security of the connection between you and your call recipient by enabling encryption of Clarius Live calls.  However, Clarius does not provide any guarantee about the security of data exchanged during a Clarius Live call or the call quality of a Clarius Live call.

Clarius shall not be liable or responsible for any damage, loss, claims or potential claims resulting from your use of the Clarius Live feature, whether related to unauthorized use or disclosure of patient health information, unlicensed diagnoses or consultation by your call recipient, or otherwise.