Canadian Paramedic Paves Way for Point of Care Ultrasound

As a paramedic in the field, Wade MacPherson sees the potential benefits of point of care ultrasound on a daily basis.

The Ontario based paramedic was first exposed to ultrasound during his advanced care paramedic education. While colleagues and other industry professionals questioned the value of ultrasound in the hands of paramedics, MacPherson was determined to prove them wrong. He knew that with the right technology and training, that ultrasound could have a positive impact for paramedics.

MacPherson discovered Clarius while seeking mobile ultrasound solutions. He was impressed that it was app based and wireless. He especially loved how the automated settings made it easy to use.

For MacPherson, it wasn’t so much about what he could diagnose, but rather what he could rule out. Clarius helped him easily identify things like intra-abdominal bleeding, pulmonary edema, or a pneumothorax. Having the ability to quickly identify or rule out serious conditions is crucial when transporting a patient–especially in a severe trauma scenario, where there may be an opportunity to transport a patient to more appropriate facility. 

MacPherson now looks for opportunities to spread his knowledge and awareness about Clarius and the benefits of wireless portable ultrasound. On September 15th, he joined more than 200 other paramedic cyclists in the 2017 Ontario Paramedic Ride. The 525km event is a fundraiser for the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation. MacPherson plans to bring the Clarius ultrasound scanner with him to help advocate for the use of point of care ultrasound for paramedics. 

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