Clarius Awarded First U.S. Patent

By Julian Ho, Director of Legal Affairs

Clarius Mobile Health recently received its first issued U.S. Patent– Pat. No. 9,763,644.  The patent was awarded for an innovative approach that allows users to easily discover nearby Clarius scanners, and connect to them using a high bandwidth connection that can handle the Clarius scanner’s high-quality images.

Clarius engineers have solved many technical challenges to create a wireless ultrasound scanner that doesn’t compromise on image quality. One challenge related to how the Clarius App discovers the presence of a Clarius scanner in the vicinity to form a high-bandwidth connection.  While some wireless connections (such as Bluetooth) allow for ease of discoverability, they typically don’t provide a high bandwidth connection.  In contrast, other types of wireless connections (such as Wi-Fi) provide higher bandwidth, but they don’t provide the same ease of discoverability.

Our new patent, awarded on September 21st 2017, helps us achieve the best of both worlds.  The inventive Clarius solution uses two types of wireless technology:  one for wireless connection for discoverability, and a second high-bandwidth wireless connection for controlling the scanner and streaming images.*

This patent is just one example of the many ingenious solutions achieved by the Clarius team when creating Clarius ultrasound scanners.  The Clarius team will continue to innovate and invent to support our goal of Ultrasound Anywhere®.
Clarius currently has 27 patent applications pending.
*The patent description above is provided solely for this blog, and not to be used for technical or legal purposes.

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