Clarius in the News: Radiology Today

Keith Loria, a reporter with Radiology Today, recently spoke with Neena Rahemtulla, VP Marketing at Clarius Mobile Health, to find out more about the company’s groundbreaking wireless smartphone ultrasound system.  Following is an excerpt from Radiology Today.

Clarius is a departure from traditional point-of-care ultrasound devices that are much larger and multiple times more expensive,” Rahemtulla said. “Weighing less than a pound and compatible with phones and tablets that many clinicians have with them, Clarius is easily carried from patient to patient, on ambulances, and to remote areas.”

According to Rahemtulla, Clarius offers several unique features that are attractive to clinicians:

  • It has exceptional image quality, and it’s affordable.
  • It’s portable and wireless, and can be purchased/used as a personal ultrasound device.
  • It’s durable, thanks to a magnesium shell.
  • It’s easy to keep sterile.
  • It’s easy to use; most controls are automated.

Kevin Irish, MD, a Vancouver-based interventional radiologist, is one of Clarius’ medical advisors. He has been using the Clarius linear and curved array scanners for several months in a range of limited test situations.

“In my limited assessment to date, I have been extremely impressed with the Clarius device. The ability to put ultrasound literally in the palm of your hand is an important advancement in the development of ultrasound,” Irish says. “This allows for easy ultrasound access for physicians, which could serve to significantly improve physical diagnosis—a modern day stethoscope, so to speak.”

Read the full article here.

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