Clarius: Ultrasound Evolved

Kris Dickie shows an ultrasound image from the handheld Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

Today we have a guest post from Kris Dickie, Director of Innovation at Clarius. Kris explains why the Clarius App and Ultrasound Scanner provide a powerful advantage over traditional ultrasound alternatives.

The app-based nature of the Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound scanner presents a great opportunity for innovation in ultrasound medicine.

Traditional ultrasound equipment relies on embedded software and electronics that often require manual technician labor to update the device and may also lack proper online connectivity. Clarius changes this model by creating a simple-to-download app that will provide new user experiences and features on your mobile device. As the app becomes more powerful with regular updates, so will your Clarius ultrasound scanner.

Most ultrasound systems have dozens of buttons and knobs that often prove overwhelming for ultrasound users. And although many ultrasound system now have simpler touchscreen interfaces, they still employ many controls that makes training and interface navigation difficult. With the goal of simplicity at the top of our minds, we’ve improved upon existing ultrasound system interfaces in several ways.

With Clarius, the user is able to generate diagnostic images with only two controls – scanning depth, and image freeze. Our team has undertaken countless hours of application specific optimization and created powerful automated algorithms which empowers the user to simply place the scanner on the patient to capture truly uncompromisingly great images.

Since the device is wireless and the app that drives it is connected to the Internet, we are often asked about security.

I am happy to report that security and privacy have never been afterthoughts at Clarius. From the ground-up, our design has focused on implementing the latest elliptical curve cryptography for all software transactions, including data transfer over wireless connections and image storage on a mobile device or on our cloud service.

We’ve also taken steps to prevent unauthorized access, which means only the owner of the Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner can use it after securely signing into the app. When you want friends or colleagues to use the device, you will be able to easily manage permissions on your user portal.

At Clarius, we’re having fun flipping the traditional model of ultrasound upside down.

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